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A Place of Healing

Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God's Sovereignty

Author Joni Eareckson Tada
Narrator Joni Eareckson Tada
Runtime 6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date April 19, 2010
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In this eloquent account of her current struggle with physical pain, Joni Eareckson Tada offers her perspective on divine healing, God’s purposes, and what it means to live with joy. Over four decades ago, a diving accident left Joni a quadriplegic. Today, she faces a new battle: unrelenting pain.

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In this eloquent account of her current struggle with physical pain, Joni Eareckson Tada offers her perspective on divine healing, God’s purposes, and what it means to live with joy. Over four decades ago, a diving accident left Joni a quadriplegic. Today, she faces a new battle: unrelenting pain.

The ongoing urgency of this season in her life has caused Joni to return to foundational questions about suffering and God’s will. A Place of Healing is not an ivory tower treatise on suffering. Its an intimate look into the life of a mature woman of God.

Whether readers are enduring physical pain, financial loss, or relational grief, Joni invites them to process their suffering with her. Together, they will navigate the distance between God’s magnificent yes and heartbreaking no and find new hope for thriving in between.

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Encouraging and biblical!
Excellent narrating by Tada and very honest writing as well.
Review by / (Posted on 3/18/2013)
Well-balanced Biblical teaching on healing coming from the heart and from personal experience
I really appreciated this book of Joni's as she speaks from experience and sound Biblical understanding. It's not a theological exercise for Joni but an issue she has struggled with personally and continues to deal with on a daily basis. She handles the extreme positions on healing in a very gracious and well-balanced manner. Hearing her voice makes it all the more challenging and inspiring. It has helped me personally as I have struggled with pain for many years and have had well-meaning friends encourage me to 'claim' healing from God. God used this book to bring me to a place of contentment and hope. He is Sovereign, powerful and cares deeply about His children. Thank you Joni for sharing your heart with us and thank You Lord for what you can do through our pain as you bring us to 'a place of healing'.
Review by / (Posted on 11/12/2012)
The powerful testimony of a strong-willed woman
I don't know if I will ever go through the pains (physical and emotional) that Joni Eareckson Tada goes through everyday, which seems to be getting worse as the years go by. Still, this book is a powerful testimony of the work of Jesus Christ in this woman's life and the unyielding hope that she has. I generally do not enjoy reading narratives like this, but this book is different. It presents a Biblical treatise on suffering and pain, and how God, through Joni's life as an example, can make His glories known among the people - not in spite of suffering but through it. Thanks be to God for Joni's life. I look forward to meeting her in heaven, where she will be leaping and running and not require a wheelchair.
Review by / (Posted on 1/6/2012)
Whether in deliverance or in death God receives the glory.
Joni's book is the embodiment of Hebrews of Hebrews 11. Whether in deliverance or in death God receives the glory. I rejoice that she has taken the opportunity in the midst of crushing pain to write of her experience. Throughout she keeps her eyes fixed on Christ. Watch out this book will seriously cause you consider not what you do not have, but rather what you do have … and how you are using these treasured gifts for the glory of our Savior and King!
Review by / (Posted on 7/2/2011)
Joni reveals her love for a Sovereign God of healing.
A Place of Healing by Joni Earekson Tada
Read by Joni Earekson Tada

Whether you are familiar with Joni Earekson Tada or just being introduced to her, one thing will become obvious to you – she has a deep love for God and His Son Jesus. Something else is very evident – she has and continues to submit willingly, but not blindly, to His sovereign plan for her life.

This sovereign plan for her life is nothing short of amazing. Though a quadriplegic since her teen years, the result of a diving accident, Joni continues to go forth valiantly following her Lord. Joni expresses her submission to God’s sovereignty when at one point in the book she says, “My wheelchair is a place of healing”.

This book is a wonderful blending of Joni’s life as it was, is, and continues to be. She lets us into her innermost thoughts. In that sense it is autobiographical. She uses this autobiographical information as a springboard for a wonderful teaching on God’s Sovereignty and His will concerning healing.

You will be blessed as Joni narrates her own story. You will be amazed at God’s grace when you find out that it was with much difficulty that she recorded this audio book. It is not for sympathy that she even mentions this difficulty but rather to glorify God and to magnify Jesus. She does not have all the answers and she will sometimes even question God about her situation but not with despair. She knows and trusts the One in whom she has believed.

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Review by / (Posted on 4/10/2011)
A fruit only Joni could produce...
through her suffering, Joni again draws our attention to true discipleship: trust in God's word and obedience even through tough circumstances. But the glory that is to be revealed is far greater and she always reminds and comforts the fellow believer with that and plenty other scripture.
Review by / (Posted on 3/14/2011)
A refreshing change...
As someone dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I am often discouraged by the way the Church handles "chronic" health issues - mainly sweeping issues under the carpet and being told to have more faith.

Listening to this book by Joni was a refreshing change. I like the fact it was read by Joni as you get a good sense of the attitude and emotion behind the authors words.

As someone who has endured a crippling injury for most of her life, Joni is a woman who has "been there, done that" when it comes to confronting and dealing with the roller coaster reality of being a child of God and not finding healing in the area she thought she needed it most.

But through her journey, God has shaped and molded other facets in her life where she has grown immensely and has also become a tool in the hand of God to help countless others who deal with health issues. And this book is but an example of what's possible when you lay everything down and ask Jesus to do as He pleases...
Review by / (Posted on 2/6/2011)
This is what faith sounds like...
Sometimes a book read by the author can be a hit-or-miss listening experience. Even though an author may know how she meant something to be heard, she herself may not know how to deliver it that way. But this is not the case with Joni Eareckson Tada. She has a bright, clear, direct, and often-cheerful way of speaking that is always appropriate to the context. Tada, a quadriplegic, at one point calls her wheelchair "a place of healing." She explains this extraordinary statement with a conviction that says: This is what faith sounds like. Her confident way of expressing herself draws the listener to the Lord she loves. E.J.K. © AudioFile 2010, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2010]
Review by / (Posted on 12/16/2010)
This is the raw, honest, and...
This is the raw, honest, and vulnerable sharing from Joni's heart and from the Word of God about suffering. It's a powerful look at how God is a loving God and has plans for us to bring glory to Him and grow in our relationship with Him.

I enjoyed Joni's amazing perspective, steady faithfulness, and open honesty. She addresses the issue of Healing Services in a kind, yet biblically sound way. After reading this book you will have a better appreciation for your life as it is and for all that God is doing in your life.

This audio book is read by Joni and hearing her voice just brings this book to life - planting it's truth deep inside your heart. If you are going through a hard time this book will encourage you. Or if you are facing an easy time right now, this book will help you prepare for when life isn't always the way you want it.

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Review by / (Posted on 9/3/2010)
I have always liked Joni but...
I have always liked Joni but I never really thought that we had much in common except that we are both Christians. I mean after all she is paralyzed from the neck down and I have full use of my body, She has an international ministry and I am involved in the local ministry here at home. Upon listening to A Place of Healing though I found out that I had more in common with her than I thought. We are both entering into the later part of our lives (she is in her 60s and I am almost 50) and along with that comes the onset of aches and pains (and yes she has them too).

The main point that struck me that she said was that when we set our hearts on God he will give us the desires of our heart and the more that we do that the more our heart's desires are changed more toward God.

This book is a very inspirational and you don't need to be suffering from physical ailment to get something from it. I highly recommend it.

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Review by / (Posted on 9/2/2010)
When I began listening to the...
When I began listening to the audio version of A Place of Healing by Joni Eareckson Tada I listened, knowing that she had an amazing ministry to disabled people. I expected this book to be directed to towards physical healing, but quickly found out that it spoke very loudly to my heart. I have no physical disabilities, but found that healing is necessary, so I listened with an open heart and mind.

Listening to this book from a view point of hurt is painful, regardless of what kind it is; will help you to begin the healing that your heart requires. You may need physical healing and this book can and will speak loudly to you.

You may require other kind of healing, such as healing of your heart that is discouraged, discontent or depressed. You may need healing due to trust issues with someone you love deeply. You may need healing from knowing God’s will for your life and fear has gripped your soul so much so that you are afraid to step out and go forward with the plans that God has in-store for you.

One of my favorite quotes from Joni is:

I pray for strength to bare my pain, grace to benefit from it and devotion to offer it up to God as a sacrifice of praise.

Again, pain – regardless of the “kind of pain” hurts. Joni reminds us that God’s power always shows up in weakness and that pain and trials can lead to a heightened thirst for Christ.

Joni didn’t sugar coat any of the painful truth about living with chronic pain, daily hurts and disappointments and the question of how can this great pain benefit anyone, much less bring glory to the Lord? This book provides an honest look at dealing with any kind of hurt that you may need healing from.

If you are battling wave after wave of pain, hurt, sorrow or just feel like your heart will never sing again, I hope you’ll get this book, listen to it from a standpoint that hurt needs healing, regardless of what kind of hurt it is, and then – let the healing begin as you listen to an honest look at coming to a Place of healing.

This book is read by Joni, which is a treat. It’s very nicely done as she is use to speaking, teaching and talking to large groups of individuals.
Review by / (Posted on 8/24/2010)
What a blessing this audio is!...
What a blessing this audio is! I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Joni talk about her life in such a positive way. This is such a practical book to help you to carry on with your life in spite of your circumstances, something I think Joni does extremely well.

What I liked about it most, is that she is speaking from experience, and not giving pat answers to questions she doesn’t know how to answer. I’ve enjoyed hearing her whole story, from when she had the accident over 40 years ago, to how she fights to keep focused on God everyday. She is incredibly honest about how she feels each day, dealing with chronic pain, and how she chooses to give God the glory. She also tells you how you can do the same in your own life, whatever you are going through.

The stories about the disabled people around the world she has visited and brought wheelchairs to, through her charity ‘Wheels Around The World‘, are so encouraging too.

Joni has a beautiful voice whether reading or singing during this audio, which really does make it a pleasure to listen to.

Thanks to’s reviewer’s program for this copy.
Review by / (Posted on 8/10/2010)