A Praying Life

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A Praying Life

Author Paul Miller
Narrator Arthur Morey
Runtime 9 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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A Praying Life is an honest look at the difficulties of prayer, unanswered prayers, and successes in prayer. Readers will appreciate Paul Miller's down-to-earth approach and practical nature. Parents will find his family-life experiences especially helpful.


Antonina Ruth Bruno says:

Other than the Bible & a handful of other books, I'd have to rank this as one of the best/most important/life-changing books I've ever had the PRIVILEGE to read! This is NOT just another book on prayer...how to pray, how to keep a journal, etc; it is a book about Life! Paul Miller wields God's Word skillfully & yet gently as he digs deeper than our prayer life (or lack?) & addresses some of... Read more


MIndy Detweiler says:

A Praying Life by Paul Miller is a book about prayer that gives you a very practical way to go about having a praying life. Paul relates how he has gone about finding ways to pray in this busy life that we all live. He weaves everyday stories into each area that he discusses and shows us how we to can find a way to make prayer an important part of our lives. He is honest about how he finds it di... Read more


Sam Isaacson says:

In this book Paul Miller presents not just a manual on tips for praying, he compiles a whole bunch of experiences and biblical convictions to conclude on an entirely new lifestyle, one which depends on praying, and permeates every area of life. The basic concept of the book is that it's a good idea to be childlike - unashamed about approaching and talking to God, natural in our conversation wit... Read more


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