A Woman After God's Own Heart

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A Woman After God's Own Heart

Author Elizabeth George
Narrator Elizabeth George
Runtime 3.5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Oasis Audio
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In the re-release of this best-selling book, author Elizabeth George shares practical, scriptural insights on how women can pursue God's priorities in their life.


Anna Gilliam says:

Some useful insights... But- she mentioned her pink marker and the books that she borrowed from her husband (who is a saint, btw) about every 30 min of listening. Pink marker, pink glasses, everything is ideal, and a woman is just holy housewife. And... don't forget the pink marker. That's what I remember from this book.


truementor says:

A woman after God's own heart is a book everyone should read. Be ye a Christian or not. It is especially important that every christian woman read this book. I learnt a lot from Elizabeth. She has inspired me to really get going with my personal devotions again. Something I have not come around to do.


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