Basic Christianity

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Basic Christianity

Author John R.W. Stott
Narrator Grover Gardner
Runtime 4.75 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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"John Stott's disarming introduction to personal faith is a modern classic. Long life to it!" - J. I. Packer

In this book, John Stott embarks on a compelling course of study that first defends the fundamental claims of Christianity and then defines the proper outworkings of these basic beliefs in the daily lives of believers. Here is a sound, sensible guide for those who are seeking an intellectually satisfying presentation of the Christian faith.

John Stott is known world-wide as a preacher, evangelist and communicator of Scripture. His books have sold millions of copies around the world and in dozens of languages. He is Rector Emeritus of All Souls' Church, Langham Place, London, and founder of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. He was named one of The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America.

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Audiofile Magazine says:

Grover Gardner can read anything. His clear, direct, and expressive delivery of this title is engaging. Anyone who finds him- or herself questioning the claims of Christianity should spend time with this book. Author Stott clearly and concisely defends the doctrines of the Bible and describes how the tenets of Scripture can be incorporated into a Christian’s life. This is good for intellectual l... Read more


Dan says:

I agree with the Audiofile Magazine review. The book is a great tool for the advanced more read Christian, as well as for the seeking Christian. It provokes thought and lays it out in a manner that is engaging as well as understandable. I would recommend that everyone should have a copy of this book in their “tool chest” of witnessing tools. The book is a great book to be able to hand someone ... Read more


Richard says:

thank you very much


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