Be A Better Dad Today

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Be A Better Dad Today

10 Tools Every Father Needs

Author Gregory Slayton
Narrator Sean Runnette
Runtime 9.6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Regal Baker Publishing Group/CA
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Gregory W. Slayton, best-selling author and father of four, doesn’t beat around the bush: “Being a good dad isn’t only vital for the future of our families and our society . . . it is critical to our own development as men.” Be a Better Dad Today is an inspirational and practical guidebook for every father who wants to become the best dad he can be—for his family’s sake and his own. With humor, empathy, common sense, tough talk and engaging stories from his personal experience, Slayton reveals user-friendly, simple-but never- simplistic techniques that will help every dad fulfill his God-given responsibilities. Whether readers are parenting younger or older kids, boys or girls, they will find wise insights and practical, doable action steps for becoming the father God created them to be!

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PT says:

Being a first time dad (my 17 month old son is now on his feet) I was looking forward to listening to this audiobook. I saw 10 tools and thought, these should help. Unfortunately, the writing (and reading) is riddled with clichés and quotes that seem like filler. Examples of the President of the USA. References to Olympic runners and discipline and hard work. Repetitions of “this is why I wrote... Read more


Korey F says:

As a young man not yet a father but hoping to be one in the future, I was happy to give this book a listen and see what I could learn to prepare me for the future. First of all, the book does have some good ideas, some very useful and practical thoughts, and I appreciated how he focused on the fact that the father you are is very much connected to the kind of person that you are outside of just... Read more


JE says:

This book is about the ten tools that every father needs. Fatherhood is more than feeding children: it is about raising offspring to be an impact in the future. It is the most important investment any man could ever make. In fact, when there is a lack of solid fatherhood in the life of a boy, the risk of a life of crime is dramatically increased, as well as other adverse outcomes. Fathers play the... Read more


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