Boasting Only in the Cross: DG Sermon

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Boasting Only in the Cross: DG Sermon

Author John Piper
Narrator John Piper
Publisher Desiring God
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This message is a plea by John Piper to 50,000 college students not to waste their lives on the tragic successes of the American Dream but, instead, to be set free from insignificant dreams by a singular passion for the glory of Christ crucified. All rejoicing should be in the cross because every blessing we enjoy was purchased by the death of Christ. The cross, and every blood-bought blessing, is designed to magnify Christ. When God joins us by faith to him, the cross replaces the world as our treasure and makes every legitimate pleasure in the world an occasion for boasting in the cross that made it possible. So, in all things, "may God grant us to dream and plan and work and give and teach and live for the glory of Christ and him crucified."

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