David Livingstone

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David Livingstone

Author Thomas Hughes
Narrator Frederick Davidson
Runtime 9 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Blackstone Audio
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Born in an overcrowded slum in Scotland in 1813, from ten to twenty-four david Livingstone worked twelve - hour days in a cotton factory.

A pamphlet by Karl Gutzlaff kindled his desire to become a missionary, and he resolved to apply himself to medicine. He educated himself and eventually qualified as a doctor. In 1841 he left for Africa as a medical missionary and stayed there for thirty years, returning to Scotland for a total of two years. His accomplishments are legendary: Missionary geographer, ethnologist, chemist, botanist, astronomer, anthropologist, discoverer of Victoria Falls and the source of the Congo, and the first to cross the continent. And Africans revered him as a near saint, the epitome of moral virtue.

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