ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible (2011 Version)

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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible (2011 Version)

Author Crossway
Narrator David Cochran Heath
Runtime 75 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Crossway
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The ESV Hear the Word is available in two different download formats. After purchasing, you can choose MP3 zip files that are encoded by chapter and foldered by book of the bible (each chapter of each book is its own MP3 file). You can also choose to download the M4B format, which is encoded in 66 individual files (downloadable in zipped folders) and offers iTunes & iOS device users the option of bookmarking and easily skipping between chapters of each book.

Now the complete ESV Bible comes alive in audio format! The new ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible provides more than 75 hours of Bible reading, for listening at home, in your car, or for loading on an MP3 player. The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible is ideal for busy commuters, people on the go, and for the visually impaired—anyone who prefers to listen to as well as read the Bible.

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Jeff Mayfield says:

Good Audio - with one major shortcoming if you do not use iTunes/iPod The audio is great. I like the ESV Bible and like the voice of Mr. Heath. This audio Bible proved to not be the best choice for me due to the following reason: book divisions and chapter divisions are only available if you use iTunes or an iPod. If you use any other MP3 player, you will have 59 files that are not divided... Read more


Robert Gillyard says:

I anxiously retract the review that I made previously concerning this the ESV Hear the Word Bible as sold on this site. I am not at all pleased with the tone in which I expressed my thoughts. Also I have been notified by one of the staff of Christianaudio that this product is in the process of being prepared in the M4B audio format which will indeed allow for searching by way of book and chapter a... Read more


Randall B. says:

So far the m4b audio works fine with my iTunes in being able to jump from chapter to chapter. I was stuck between ordering this and the Listener's Bible ESV but after listening to a few clips decided on Hear the Word. I will say there are times when I think Max McLean better captures the reading with his voice, however David Heath does an excellent job as well with the reading. I have just sta... Read more


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