Evil and the Justice of God

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Evil and the Justice of God

Author N.T. Wright
Narrator Simon Vance
Runtime 4 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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With every earthquake and war, understanding the nature of evil and our response to it becomes more urgent. Evil is no longer the concern just of ministers and theologians but also of politicians and the media.

We hear of child abuse, ethnic cleansing, AIDS, torture and terrorism, and rightfully we are shocked. But, N. T. Wright says, we should not be surprised. For too long we have naively believed in the modern idea of human progress. In contrast, postmodern thinkers have rightly argued that evil is real, powerful and important, but they give no real clue as to what we should do about it.

In fact, evil is more serious than either our culture or our theology has supposed. How then might Jesus\' death be the culmination of the Old Testament solution to evil but on a wider and deeper scale than most imagine? Can we possibly envision a world in which we are delivered from evil? How might we work toward such a future through prayer and justice in the present?

These are the powerful and pressing themes that N. T. Wright addresses in this book that is at once timely and timeless.

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Audiofile Magazine says:

Initially wanting to produce a work on the meaning of Jesus's crucifixion, Wright quickly realized that he first needed to address the problem of evil itself within a Christian paradigm. Simon Vance voices the Anglican bishop authoritatively, taking heady matter and bringing it--if not all the way down to basics--at least to the layman's level in a conversational tone at once friendly and instruct... Read more


Casey Taylor says:

Do not theorize about evil; do something about it. That’s the gist of Anglican bishop and renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright’s book, "Evil and the Justice of God." Here Wright focuses his years of biblical study on the so-called “problem of evil.” Anyone who has read more than one of Wright’s books will recognize standard themes. The book, which emerged from a series of lectu... Read more


Adam says:

Wright, after the horrors of Sept 11, the 2004 tsunami, Katrina and the 2005 Kashmir area earthquakes set aside his intent to write a book on atonement and instead wrote a book about why we need the atonement. I really do appreciate Wright’s pastoral intent and the fact that he wants to affect the church, not just the academic world. But I am a bit mixed about this book. The first chapter i... Read more


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