FTS - Church Growth and Health

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FTS - Church Growth and Health

Author Rick Warren, Robert Logan, Ted Roberts, John Maxwell
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Publisher Fuller Theological Seminary
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In order to keep up with the population growth, the church needs to keep reaching the lost. However, the church must not diminish the need to care for its leaders and the community of believers. Hope, care, community and finances are as much a part of growth and health as are leadership and vision. Hear from Rick Warren, John Maxwell, Ted Roberts, and more.

"Building Team Spirit" - Rick Warren (Pastor-Saddleback and author of The Purpose Driven Life)

"Increasing Your Church's Health and Growth" – Robert Logan (Church Consultant - Coachnet and former Professor of Church Growth - Fuller)

"Recovery Ministries in the Church" - Ted Roberts (Pastor - East Hill Church, OR)

"How to Communicate Vision" – Jim Dethmer (Coach- OnCourse Intl. and former Pastor- Willowcreek, IL)

"Increasing Your Church's Giving" – John Maxwell (Founder- INJOY and EQUIP ministries)

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