Interview: Eric Blehm on Fearless

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Interview: Eric Blehm on Fearless

Author Eric Blehm
Narrator Eric Blehm
Runtime 0.7 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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In this interview, christianaudio speaks with Eric Blehm about his new book, Fearless. (April 2012)


Joni says:

I listened to this interview and then shared it with my family. After listening to the interview they were very interested and excited to get the complete book. I was also intrigued with the authors comments on keeping himself and his ideas/thoughts out of the story and letting the reader (listener) discover the character through stories and experiences.


Doug says:

This free interview comes with the book at the end but is also probably worth a listen even if you do not read Fearless about Adam Brown.


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