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Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind

Book 1

Series Jungle Doctor Stories
Author Paul White
Narrator Paul Michael
Runtime 3.5 Hrs - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date July 1, 2012
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Paul white was an Australian missionary doctor in Africa who learnt to clothe his Bible teaching in fables, creating stories with a timeless quality. When he returned home to Australia his stories were discovered and published to world-wide acclaim.  Enjoy the first four books in the series, Jungle Doctor and the WhirlwindJungle Doctor on the Hop,Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard and Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings.

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Paul white was an Australian missionary doctor in Africa who learnt to clothe his Bible teaching in fables, creating stories with a timeless quality. When he returned home to Australia his stories were discovered and published to world-wide acclaim.  Enjoy the first four books in the series, Jungle Doctor and the WhirlwindJungle Doctor on the Hop,Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard and Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings.

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Inspiring, exciting, entertaining for the whole family!
This delightful book begins with a reference section, probably very helpful in print form. The characters are introduced and common phrases translated, and we hear a brief biography of the author. You could easily skip the sections on characters and translations, as the book is told in a way that explains these as you go. However, don't miss the biography and important facts about Tanzania, as they really ground the story in its proper setting.

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind is the perfect book for car trips or family reading time, but adults will enjoy it just as much as children. Told from the author's point of view, we get a real feel for his life as a medical missionary. This doctor working in rural Africa weaves important health information and spiritual truths into stories and word pictures that the people will understand. All the while, he is displaying wisdom, cultural sensitivity, and strong character. The doctor not only faces disease, injuries, and the normal occurrences of a health clinic in this part of the world, but he also battles greed, drugs, and deception among his trusted co-workers.

Paul Michael's narration was incredible. Each character had the appropriate accent, with a bit milder accent for the doctor as he told his story than when he actually spoke to other characters. I checked the christianaudio several times to be sure the same man was reading the whole story, as it seemed to me that this MUST be a team narration. The guy is that good.

Of course, I'm a bit partial to books about missionaries. My only regret with this book is that I didn't find the series when my children were younger, before we came on the field. It's inspiring, exciting, and very entertaining.
Review by / (Posted on 5/18/2014)
great book
Great true story! Wonderful imagery
Review by / (Posted on 3/26/2014)
Fabulous! A family favourite! Buy this for the whole family.
Our family has always loved the Jungle Doctor series in print. The simple, humourous and descriptive language grabs your attention and holds it.

The stories of a missionary doctor in Africa facing trials, having adventures and sharing God's love with others have a simple yet bold message that is so relevant for our lives today.

We must have listened to the four audio books currently available at least 5 times each and have not become tired of them yet.

I could even see this being used in schools and for church events.

The narration is superb. The narrator is a master at bringing the story to life and making a difficult job seem deceptively simple. Well done!

AudioBooks, please consider producing the rest of the Jungle Doctor series in audio format. We will be buying every other Jungle Doctor book that you produce!
Review by / (Posted on 8/23/2013)
We love it!!!
We just absolutaly love the audio book - the narrator is excellent and we hope that over time all the Jungle Doctor books will be recorded and read by Paul Michael. It is a true delight for adults and older children. My 9 and 8 year old beg me to turn it on again and again!
The gospel simply explained, the exiting stories of the missionary hospital in the african jungle - truly captivating. The tribal and cultural challanges that the doctor faces give us a clearer picture of the lives of many missionaries.
Once available we will by the whole series, if they are read by the same narrator.
Review by / (Posted on 8/13/2013)
A Fun Read
A fun read, in the tradition of James Herriot and Tom Dooley, Jungle Doctor follows Australian missionary Dr. Paul White on his daily adventures as a physician to tribal peoples in Tanzania, Africa, where navigating mud tracks, surviving violent whirlwind dust storms and battling a dysentery epidemic are all in a day's work.

Dr. White passes on biblical principles in his daily practice through fables and story telling. With his faithful friend and assistant, Daudi, who also serves as interpreter with the natives, he performs surgery and treats patients in the most primitive conditions. He faces off against witch doctors and drug lords. The doctor's narrative style hooks the reader and rivets him until the final page. Thankfully, there are several more books in the series, so readers can satisfy their need to hear more Jungle Doctor adventures.

I enjoy the way narrator Paul Michael reads with distinct and clear character voices. He is easy to listen to. Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind is great for family listening, car rides, and storytime.

Original review here:
Review by / (Posted on 4/5/2013)
This book is about a Jungle Doctor who helps helps with physical and spiritual healing. In this first volume he deals with both kinds of issues while spreading the Gospel to the characters in the story.

The author does a good job of explaining theological concepts in easy to understand metaphor and there is a lot of good stuff here. I don't recommend it for younger children as you get everything from drugs to death in just the first chapter! So pre-teen to teen is the youngest I'd go.

Overall, this is an ok story. Simplistic, but truth-filled.
Review by / (Posted on 12/1/2012)
Captivating both in performance & content
Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind written by Paul White, narrated by Paul Michael on audiobook, and published by christianaudio - yep, that's the book.

So, what did I think of it?

Well, it's more like what did I not think of it? No, I don't mean that they way it sounds. Hear me out.

When I first requested to review this book, I honestly knew very little about it other than the title and what the cover art looked like. I actually thought it was more of a children's book than it turned out to be, which is not a bad thing.

As I began listening to this audiobook during my commutes, I was sucked in almost immediately. Paul Michael does an amazing job narrating this book! He does the various characters' voices so convincingly that I would have thought he was a mix of Australian and Tanzanian, and was both a young and old man...and even a woman - young and old. Sound crazy? Not at all. He is an excellent audiobook narrator.

Beyond the superb audio theatrics, I was also pleasantly drawn in by the captivating storytelling of Paul White (whom I knew nothing about until the intro to this book). He doesn't just excellently and creatively weave an interesting story; he also presents and unfolds some deep, important Biblical truths in ways that make God's Word and ways tangible to the reader/listener.

White uses the comparison of a storm - a whirlwind - to our lives in that if you "sow the wind" you will "reap the whirlwind." (Hosea 8:7) He also uses analogies from nature to relate how sin affects a person from the inside out, by describing how a destructive insect can get inside of an ear of corn and eat away at it without the outside of the ear having any evidence of what the inside has become.

I can in no way recount the stories and analogies in the way Paul White does, but let me just say that he is a master weaver of a captivating story with a meaning and a purpose.

This story does specifically center around a man who is a drug dealer and is pushing and using marijuana, so that is why I said at the beginning that I do not consider it a children's book. I do, however, highly suggest it as a book for adults of all ages including young adults and even teenagers. You may, however, want to screen it first for yourself before letting a pre-teen or maybe even a teen read/listen to it. I may be erring on the side of caution, but I know some people may not prefer for their child of those ages to be exposed to descriptions of people being high and such quite yet. Realistically, most of them probably are exposed to those discussions by those ages, but again, I leave that to your discretion. And besides, you will thoroughly enjoy and be challenged by reading/listening to this book yourself first anyway.

Disclaimer: I received this audiobook for free from No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.
Review by / (Posted on 11/1/2012)
God's Sovereignty
I am a great fan of audio books. While I love the feel of holding a book in my hand, and love the smell of old pages turning, our family also enjoys listening to quality books while we travel in the car or work at home. Paul White’s, Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind, has landed itself in the category of quality audio. This is the first recorded book of four in the Jungle Doctor series currently available at

The books were authored by Paul White, an Australian missionary doctor to Tanzania, Africa over 50 years ago. What struck me from the onset of the book was the author’s reliance upon God and His sovereignty. Paul and his wife Mary planned on spending much longer in Africa than they did, but due to Mary’s ill health, were forced to leave Tanzania. As a result of such steadfast reliance upon God, the author was able to rejoice in God’s having reached more people through his ministry at home than abroad. He was blessed to hear many stories of young people traveling abroad as missionaries due to God having worked in their lives through the Jungle Doctor series.

The narrator, Paul Michael, does an excellent job of differentiating characters’ voices. This is a high quality voice production and is not “cheesy”. The voice caricature draws the listener in and has one eagerly awaiting the next chapter. The listening audience is whisked into the tale of a dry and near waterless desert where survival is difficult. Sin is dealt with frankly, graciously and Scripturally in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. Dr. White is an excellent role model of faith in God alone as he encounters trial after trial, continually turning to God and pointing those around him to the Bible. Natural disaster, disease, betrayal, and disappointment are all encountered by Dr. White during this first installment in the Jungle Doctor series.

I greatly enjoyed listening to this book and am excited to recommend it to you…and I am looking forward to listening again with my family.
A big thank you to christianaudio for providing me with a free copy of this audio book in exchange for my honest review.
Review by / (Posted on 11/1/2012)
Loved the Accents!
I am 12 years old. I listen to a lot of audio recordings and this is one of the best. I loved the narrator. He used great accents for the different characters. The story was fun to listen to, and I'm glad we have this one in our collection.
Review by / (Posted on 10/31/2012)
The Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind
I remember reading the Jungle Doctor stories when I was much younger and really enjoying them… so I was looking forward to listening to this audio book with my children. I thought it would make fun family listening. Yes, it was a great listen but not so much fun, as gripping. A story about a village clinic in Tanzania threatened by an impending epidemic of dysentery and if that wasn’t enough, a rich young drug lord arrives on the scene to disrupt the ebb and flow of the local people. As you can see a serious story full of serious topics.

The story covers an emergency situation, set on a mission hospital, Mvumi Hospital, in central Tanzania. The epidemic arrives on the winds of a “whirlwind,” hence the title, and the locals must keep the disease carrying flies at bay. The team of workers have to keep the patients clean and their medicine charts up to date. A system of hand washing with a very limited water supply was set up… lots of interesting life-skills were learnt while reading this book. And all the while the gospel story was threaded through and woven into the story. The drug lord, who disrupts the pre-epidemic preparations and whose insidious behaviour nearly left the clinic unprepared for the emergency… provides a serious thread to follow and be warned (spoiler alert) he suffers the consequences of stealing medication early on in the epidemic when near the end of the book there was not sufficient medication available to him, with dire consequences. My most sensitive listener was a little distressed by this event.

The story is brought to us by a missionary, the Jungle Doctor, who is an Australian working in Africa at the time – relating the adventures as he experiences them. he is a long way from home and for his sake and really for the readers sake the book begins with a glossary of Swahili terms that they use in the book. In fact the audio book begins with a couple of introductions to a few topics that are addressed in the story: Dysentery, Malaria and such like. I have to say that this initial glossary is quite dry and I know that I lost my younger audience here.

My older kids, ages nine and up, persevered and were rewarded with a very exciting and interesting story. They were quite intrigued to hear the daily ins and outs of a the life of a missionary in the field. I wouldn’t say that it was an easy read/listen, and it got them thinking and talking about a lot of topical topics. And I am all for that… love a heap of questions from my kids, because clearly they were engaged enough and listening well enough to process it and think about the story they were listening too. I have to say overall this is a great listen and a fabulous way for kids to learn about day-to-day life, as a missionary out in the field.

We received this audio book for free as part of a review program for and Christian Focus 4 Kids. I was not paid for the review and the opinions stated were entirely our own.

Review by / (Posted on 10/31/2012)
Loved listening to this Missionary Story
I have to admit I have not listened to very many audiobooks before and boy, have I been missing out! I downloaded this book onto my MP3 player and listened to it while cleaning, working out, and checking my email. I've never "read" a book so fast!

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Australian missionary, Paul White is the story of part of his time as a doctor in Tanzania. He faced many trials such as malaria, a dysentery epidemic and a troublemaker who stole medicine and distributed marijuana. Although overworked and exhausted, the doctor takes advantage of every teachable moment to share truths of the Bible in ways the natives understand.

I really liked that each character had a distinct voice so I could easily tell who was speaking. The fact files at the end were also very helpful in giving more information about the author, Tanzania and the epidemic they faced. I love missionary stories and this one is definitely worth listening to!

*Please note: I received this book free from Christian Focus 4 Kids as part of their Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind Audiobook Review Blog Tour. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Review by / (Posted on 10/30/2012)
Sowing the Wind
Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail.

- Proverbs 22:8

In the late 1930's and early 1940's, Paul White served as a medical missionary to Tanganyika (now known as Tanzania). Paul and his wife Mary were forced to return home to Australia due to family illness, but Dr. White's mission to share the love of Christ lived on. He shared fictionalized stories of his time in Tanzania on the radio weekly as Jungle Doctor Broadcasts, then as books in both the Jungle Doctor middle grade series (there are 20), and the Jungle Doctor Animal Stories series (there are 6).

I am so delighted to tell you all that the Jungle Doctor stories are now available as audiobooks! So far, the first four books in the series have been recorded for your children. I was able to review book 1, Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Paul White (Christian Focus Publications). The first four books are available for download at

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind is a fantastic story. Filled with humorous characters, exciting (dangerous!) situations, and a genuine medical crisis, there is plenty in the audiobook to get excited about. My boys (8 and 9) were wide-eyed the entire way through the audiobook. Because we have the book in paperback form as well, they huddled together looking at the black-and-white drawings and the way the African names are spelled. They giggled at the antics of the hospital staff, and gasped at the terrible choices made by the villain.

I love any book that portrays well the life of a missionary. I want my children to have a broad view of this small planet, and a clear understanding of the Great Commission. I also really love engaging books from a Christian worldview with an accurate teaching of Scripture.

Dr. White did a terrific job of sharing a Scriptural idea (we reap what we sow) in a natural way through his narrative. Bwana, the chief doctor (a missionary from Australia), speaks biblical truth as he mentors his interesting and hilarious cast of hospital staff. These new Christians speak truth right back to him as they work through their situations with their eyes on the Lord (or sometimes as they fail miserably and are drawn back into old lives).

Paul Michael narrates Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind, and does a terrific job with different voices and accents.

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind is written for ages 10-12, and is a great read-aloud (and, conveniently, the audiobook is read-aloud for you!) for children as young as 7.

I want to thank Christian Focus Publications for providing me with an audio copy of Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind in return for my honest opinion.

~ Danika Cooley

Danika Cooley is a children’s writer with a love for God’s Word, history, wisdom and small people. Her work has appeared in magazines including Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr.; Upper Room Ministries’ Pockets and Devozine; CBH Ministries’ Keys for Kids, and Cobblestone Group’s FACES and Odyssey. Her work also appears in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Magic of Mothers and Daughters.
Review by / (Posted on 10/29/2012)
Fascinating book -well worth listening
Jungle Doctor books combine excitement, medicine and a strong Christian message. This comes out clearly in the audio book. They are set in Tanganyika in the 1930s where Jungle Doctor is a medical missionary loosely based on the life of the author, Australian Paul White.

In this book, Jungle Doctor comes to face with difficulties in the country, illicit drugs and with his own staff at the time of a dysentery epidemic.

I'm always struck by accents in audio books. When I read, I tend to assume that everyone has an English accent like me unless it is completely obvious that they haven't. I was quite surprised about the Canadian accent in Anne of Green Gables. This time, I wasn't surprised but felt the Jungle Doctor's Australian accent made sense.

My one criticism of this audio book is that chapter one is not chapter one of the book but a series on background information. Some of this is useful such as the author's biography and information about diseases mentioned but other is a long list of Swahili words and their translation. The information in this chapter would be better put at the end of the book.

Start with file two and enjoy the story! There are some brilliant turns of phrase and an end with echoes of the parable of the prodigal son.

Review by / (Posted on 10/29/2012)
Captivating!!! True to life!
Fast forward a week after the download...three of my four children came down with a nasty stomach bug that lasted for four days. They didn't feel like doing anything and quite honestly, I was tired of listening to the TV all day. I decided that I would see if they would like to listen to "Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind". They ended up listening to about half of it before getting bored. But while they were listening to it, I was listening from the kitchen and really enjoyed the story. Later that night, I continued listening to it while I was knitting. To say that I enjoyed listening to it is an understatement.

"Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind" is about a doctor/missionary who is attempting to help the people in Tanzania and throughout Africa. He finds ways to share the gospel through parables and fables while helping them with their physical needs. Even though this is Christian Fiction, I feel that they story is very much true to life.

I thought that the narrator, Paul Michael, did a wonderful job reading the book. While listening to this audio book, I felt the story come alive in my mind and just could not stop listening. The audio book is approx 3.5 hours in length. There are three different available ways to download the book. I decided on downloading the zip file. After downloading it however, I had quiet a challenge figuring out how to unzip the files so I could listen to them. They also did not want to transfer into my iTunes. After spending some time fooling around with my files, I did eventually get them moved into iTunes so I could listen to them. I'm not sure if it had something to do with the fact that the files where ZIP files, computer user error, or something wrong with the files themselves.

Overall, I loved listening to the book and would highly recommended this book for kids and adults alike.

This audio book was given to me in exchange for my unbiased review of this work.
Review by / (Posted on 10/28/2012)
Good story!
Although I love reading, my least favorite genre is probably Christian Fiction. I just can’t seem to get into it. Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Paul White is not only Christian Fiction, it’s Christian Children’s Fiction. However, when I gave it a chance, I realized that I would be missing at least a few gems if I swore off Christian Fiction completely.

What really makes this book shine is the fact that it is based, at least in part, on White’s own adventures as a missionary doctor in Africa. I love the descriptions of the hospital and the field clinics, which seem to be really accurate based on my own limited medical missions experience. White is a good writer, and his prose is light yet descriptive. Most of the book consists of conversations between the characters.

Throughout the narrative, White reveals his love for teaching biblical principles via fables and object lessons. The titular doctor uses everyday objects and situations to share the gospel and encourage his weary nurses. Because of the genuine emotion and setting of the story, these little “asides” seem perfectly natural with only a couple exceptions. Some of these fables/object lessons could even be taken and used by a preacher or Sunday school teacher, giving this work of fiction a rare level of usefulness.

Paul Michael does a great job narrating the story, giving the doctor an Australian accent (even though Michael himself doesn’t have one), nailing the African words and phrases, and affecting different voices for different characters. This is simply outstanding narration that—if you’ll pardon the cliché—really brings the story to life.

I could see this book being a really exciting read for an aspiring missionary, or perhaps even igniting that spark in a young person who is just starting to realize that God’s love and the gospel are for all people in every nation.

Please Note: This audiobook was gifted as a part of the Christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. This has in no way influenced my opinion or review of this work.
Review by / (Posted on 9/17/2012)
Love the Jungle Doctor tales!
Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind

I love Jungle Doctor tales! How great that now you can listen them on audio! Paul White was an Australian missionary to Africa. When he returned to Australia he wrote many “Jungle Doctor tales.” In this story he highlights how money can corrupt our thinking of what is truly valuable if we aren’t careful.

I liked the reader for this book as he had did a good job on the accents in my opinion. It definitely made it more interesting.

Con: I would probably skip the first chapter unless I wanted to hear all the meanings for the African words and the dictionary definitions…

Pro: This book is not only good for children, but also adults.

Note: this book is probably more appropriate for 13 and up unless your child is quite the reader. I found myself having to explain things a little too much to those who were not up to par educationally – but they still received benefit from the story.

Try out the Jungle Doctor tales…I think you’ll enjoy them!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this audio book as a part of the Christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. This has in no way influenced my opinion or review of this work. For more information about this and other Christian audio books visit

Review by / (Posted on 9/5/2012)
Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind
I have finished listening to a book called Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Paul White.

I will admit when I first received this review opportunity, I listened to a sample portion of the book and was not sure this would be a book I would enjoy. However, I am glad I had the opportunity to listen.

This was a wonderful book. I enjoyed the stories of the life faced by this missionary doctor and the people he was trying to help in Africa. In this book there is an outbreak of dysentery and he works to help the people who are sick and tries to slow the spread of the disease. The way he shared the truth of the Word with them through stories and fables was enjoyable and made me stop and think as I listened. The book has a great lesson in my opinion.

One thing that was hard for me to follow was all the characters. It took me a while to figure out who was who in this book. A list is given at the beginning which is helpful and I know if I was reading the print version I would have been able to refer back to this list to refresh my memory. The more I got into the book the easier it was to remember each one.

At first I thought the book would be hard to understand but I quickly became accustomed to the narrator, Paul Michael. I enjoyed his accent and the way he read this book.

Thank you to the christianaudio Reviewers program for providing this audio book for my review.
Review by / (Posted on 8/15/2012)
inspirational and true
The Jungle Doctor series is a four-part collection of books based off the original Jungle Doctor radio broadcast by Paul White. These books, as well as the broadcast, detail White’s missionary experiences in Tanzania and throughout Africa. While much of Africa has changed over the course of time, the same basic afflictions (malaria, etc.) exist, and the Gospel has not changed. The purpose? By telling tales, this collection, specifically book one reviewed here, encourages the efforts in Africa, sharing the work of bringing health, wealth, and salvation to the African people.

Michael’s narration is an excellent choice for this audiobook edition. Speaking with a clear dictation, Michael narrates at a medium pace and pauses at appropriate locations, allowing listeners to soak in the experience. Almost a performance, but more as if an informational audio collection with an authority on the subject, Michael’s voice is on par for description, yet carrying an appropriate educational tone. Through fiction, Michael gives life to the mission that White is attempting to accomplish: bringing hope to Africa. Well written, and well read, this audio is great for fiction enthusiasts and missionaries alike.

christian audio commissioned this review. Please read titles like this at
Review by / (Posted on 8/13/2012)
Tales Of African Missionary Journeys
Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind by Paul White is the first book of the Jungle Doctor series based on an Australian doctor’s experience of being a missionary and doctor in Africa in the early part of the 20th century. He uses missionary experiences mixed with parables and story to portray moral principles.

This book focuses on an outbreak of dysentery in the area of Africa in which the Jungle Doctor is working and the events that transpire around this outbreak. There is action, conflict and most importantly a positive moral message that is portrayed through these adventures that children would easily understand.

As a child in Australia I have read a few of these Jungle Doctor books and I quite enjoyed them as they were easy to read, interesting and they gave you something to think about after you had finished the book.

The narration was quite good with different accents used for the Australian and African characters and the pace of the book was quite steady. I did have a laugh at the attempt at an Australian accent because I have lived in Australia for most of my life and the accent wasn’t quite right but it doesn’t take away from the narration at all.

The Jungle Doctor books are great books for children to read as they combine entertainment, educational and moral aspects in an easily to read format that they will love to read.

This audio book was gifted as a part of the christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. More information can be found about this and other Christian audio books at
Review by / (Posted on 8/9/2012)