Justified by Faith Alone

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Justified by Faith Alone

Author R.C. Sproul
Narrator Sean Runnette
Runtime 1.1 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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Since the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, sola fide has been the defining doctrine of evangelical Christianity--and the way a person is justified the defining difference between Roman Catholics and evangelicals. In this booklet R.C. Sproul examines what justification is according to God's Word, compares the Roman Catholic and evangelical stances on this core doctrine, and discusses the relationship of faith and works--all to show why "by faith alone" is so essential.

As Sproul puts it, "The crucial issue of infusion versus imputation remains irreconcilable. We are either justified by a righteousness that is in us or by a righteousness that is apart from us. There is no third way." Indeed, eternity is at stake. This is a topic that should not be ignored.

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Trevor Taylor says:

R.C. Spoul goes back to the time of the Reformation to explain the doctrine that justification is by faith in Christ alone. Although their were many doctrines debated during the time of the Reformation, one doctrine stood at the center of everything. How is a person saved? Are they justified by faith? Or are they justified by works? Sproul shows the reader in depth the arguments of the Reformers, ... Read more


Michael R Aulia says:

The Justified by Faith Alone explains the difference between Roman Catholics and Evangelical views on the concept of justification that exists back before the reformation era up til today. The book clearly divides the differences in few main points so it’s easier to follow and also to grasp. Clearly, the book doesn’t explain the biblical concept of Justification in details, so I’d strongl... Read more


Kristopher says:

The battle between Roman Catholics and Protestants on their view of Justification is still as hot and controversial as ever. While many who are both inside and outside the church see the two as part of the same family, those who are more in the know are aware of the fact that each sees the other as the confused brother who misunderstood the Father. Historically, the two sides strongly disagree ... Read more


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