Living in the Light: Lessons from First John

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Living in the Light: Lessons from First John

Desiring God Sermon

Author John Piper
Narrator John Piper
Runtime 10.5 Hrs. -
Publisher Desiring God
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The elderly apostle John-beloved by Christ-wrote this profound and practical epistle to strengthen a church under attack. In so doing, he deals with the most important issues in life: Christ, love, obedience, assurance, and eternal life- as well as sin, apostasy, deception, and idolatry. As Piper works his way through a 21-week exposition on this testimony of John, he urges us not to shut the inner rooms of sin in our lives, but to come to the light and ponder long and hard the fact that in this letter we encounter the message of one who actually saw and touched the Lord of glory. And the purpose is that "your joy may be full."

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