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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 4 Credits better than 1 Credit?
Yes, with 4 credits per month you get a lot more. Click here to read all the reasons why it's better.
How does the FREE with 30-Day Trial Membership Work?
Your first qualifying audiobook is free when you sign up for the 30 day trial. Your monthly membership will renew each month thereafter for $14.95 and you will receive 4 credits each month. You can cancel anytime.
What are credits?
By becoming a Monthly or Premium Member or by purchasing a 6- or 12-Month Membership, you pay a fee in exchange for a set number of credits. Credits are then the currency that Members use to purchase audiobooks at a discount!
How do Memberships work?
Each month when your Membership renews, credits will be deposited into your account. Every product on the site is listed with a price in credits***. Add any product to your cart, and you will be able to apply your Membership credits to your purchase during the checkout process.
Can I use credits during sales?
Yes! When audiobooks are on sale, the credit price is also reduced, so you can purchase even more audiobooks with your usual number of credits.
Can I save my credits?
Yes! Credits do not expire and will remain in your account until you are ready to use them.
Can I cancel anytime?
Yes. There are no minimum terms for christianaudio Memberships, so long as you didn't purchase your Membership and receive a bonus for committing to a minimum term†.
I already have a monthly Membership; can I buy additional credits?
If you are a monthly renewing Member, simply purchase the 6- or 12-Month non-renewing Membership option and your credit balance will be updated without affecting your monthly renewal!
Can I give a Membership as a gift?
Yes. Non-renewing 6-Month Memberships and 12-Month Memberships are available for gifting. For additional gifting options, we recommend a Gift Certificate or use Gift This to send a specific title to someone.
When do Membership renew?
Monthly Memberships renew on the anniversary of when you became a member. If you signed up on July 13th, your Membership will renew each following month, on the 13th.
How much will I be billed?
If you select a Monthly Membership, you will be billed $14.95 or $24.95 respectively, each month until you cancel. Non-renewing Memberships are billed in full when you complete the order (monthly billing is not available for non-renewing Memberships).
Can I pay for a purchase if I have credits in my account?
Yes. You can always choose to pay for your books directly or use your credits, on every purchase.
What if I don’t have enough credits for the audiobook I want?
Credits do not expire, so you can "save up” your credits for a larger purchase. You can also choose to pay for an order rather than redeeming credits.
Can I use a combination of credits and dollars to pay for an audiobook?
No. Your purchase must be paid fully with credits or fully with dollars. Credits never expire, so you can save them up for a larger purchase in the future.
Can I use credits to purchase a title using “Gift This”?
Yes. Simply add the title to your shopping cart using the "Gift This" link on any product page. In the cart, click the link that says "Use Credits" to complete your purchase.
How do I cancel my Membership?
Simply visit the "My Membership" section of your account or you can always contact customer service to cancel your Membership.
Will I keep my credits if I cancel my Membership?
Yes. Your unused credits will remain in your account and will not expire, even if you cancel your Membership.
I have a question not listed here!
Simply contact customer service and we'd be happy to help!

Membership Details

* 4 credits may be redeemed for 1 audiobook valued at $15.99-$19.99 and 8 credits may be redeemed for 2 such audiobooks. Audiobooks priced higher than $19.99 may be purchased using additional credits. Audiobooks priced at $14.99 or less may be purchased for fewer credits. Percent savings vary based on Membership level and product price.

** A small number of downloads are only available in certain countries or territories and some downloads may be exempt from being purchased with Membership credits.

† Note that we occasionally offere bonuses or other benefits for new Members that require a minimum term. By claiming any bonus offer and agreeing to the Membership terms and conditions displayed during checkout, you are committing to keep your Membership (and pay the monthly fee) for the specified minimum term. Once your order for a Membership with a bonus offer has been processed, we cannot honor a cancellation request until the specified term has ended.

Standard Membership Terms & Conditions: I understand that both the Membership and PREMIUM Membership programs are monthly, auto-renewing services that will add redeemable "credits" to my account, based on the service level I have chosen, once my credit card renewal has been auto-processed. I understand that my Membership will automatically renew at the original purchase price, on the monthly anniversary of my purchase, until I cancel the Membership by contacting christianaudio customer service. I understand that the accumulated credits in my account have no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged as such. I understand that I must use credits at the time of checkout in order to bypass the requirement to pay with another method and I will not receive a refund for any order placed with a credit card rather than credits, should I choose not to use my credits at the time of checkout (accidentally or not). I understand that, at the discretion of christianaudio, any Membership order can be canceled and refunded for any reason and that automated monthly Membership renewals will not be cancelled or refunded once they have processed. I also understand that these terms can be updated at any time. By proceeding with a Membership order, I state my agreement with these terms.