My Father, Maker of the Trees

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My Father, Maker of the Trees

Author Eric Irivuzumugabe & Tracey Lawrence
Narrator Dion Graham
Runtime 4.8 hrs - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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In 1994, 16-year-old Eric Irivuzumugabe climbed a cypress tree and remained there for 15 days without food or water. He wasn't trying to win a bet with his friends--he was attempting to save his life. Eric is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide that claimed the lives of 800,000 people in just 100 days. In the midst of indescribable loss, and without a job, a home, or an education, Eric was determined to start a new life for himself and his two surviving brothers. My Father, Maker of the Trees is the story not only of his physical survival, it is the story of his spiritual rebirth and the role he is playing in the healing and redemption of his land and people. His incredible account will show readers the reality of evil in the world as well as the power of hope. Eric's message of God's relentless love through our darkest circumstances will encourage and inspire.


phil de Martimprey says:

Absolutely an incredible story of God's sovereign hand at work! As an American christian I had heard some of the Genocide in Rwanda, but this book has given me a deeper appreciation for what God has done through the lives of the survivors. It even deals with how one should deal with the problem of evil. Great listen! Dion Graham (narrator) does a wonderful job with the Rwandan accents, making the ... Read more


Paul Pilmore says:

I recently listened to My Father, Maker of the Trees (Unabridged) by authors Eric Irivuzumugabe & Tracey Lawrence for the christianaudio Reviewers Program ( I can honestly say that not only did I really enjoy the book, but it challenged me at a deep level on many issues of life. It is a story about a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide who spent 15 days in a cypr... Read more


Sam Isaacson says:

The subtitle for this book is ‘How I Survived The Rwandan Genocide’, and that’s a good summary. Eric Irivuzumugabe survived the horrors of the genocide that saw 1 million killed in 100 days by hiding in a cypress tree. He presents in this book his experiences during the genocide, and the experiences of his family members, before moving onto his life since – how this awful, horrific sufferi... Read more


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