Not a Fan

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Not a Fan

Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus

Author Kyle Idleman
Narrator Kyle Idleman
Runtime 6.1 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Zondervan
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Pastor Kyle Idleman doesn’t just want to be a fan of Jesus, he wants to full heartedly commit to him and be a follower of Jesus. But how can you make the leap from fan to follower?

In Not a Fan Idleman uses biblical examples to show how the people who met Jesus also had to decide if they were fans or followers, and what it meant for them to then become followers. Being a follower doesn’t mean that you go to church every week, that you slap a Jesus fish on the back of your car, and that you give to charity. That’s what a fan does.

What a follower of Jesus does, Idleman observes, is die to themselves each and every moment of the day because “you can’t say yes to following Jesus unless you say no to living for yourself.” In this three part book Idleman helps you to discover whether you are a fan or a follower, how to recognize the invitation Jesus has given, and what following Jesus looks like in your daily life. With humor and real life examples to draw you closer to Jesus, Kyle Idleman compels each and every one of us to Not Be A Fan

Reviews says:

One of the best books I have read in years. Full of rich wisdom and radical insights!


greg says:

This is tremendous. I am sensing such an unsettled and compromised sensation with so many Christians with whom I speak. I am a corporate chaplain, and have it myself. Something "just ain't right", and feel that Kyle does a great job helping to stoke that fire within.


Dan says:

A book that will personally challenge your concepts on what it is to be a "follower" instead of an just an enthusiastic fan. Idleman does a great job of laying out the difference between the two. I found the book to be well written and precisely on target and very timely for what it is to be "Christian" in today's world. The narration was very good as Idleman himself reads it. He has, as you wou... Read more


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