Not by Accident: The Improbability of Life Itself

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Not by Accident: The Improbability of Life Itself

Author Dean Overman
Narrator Dean Overman, Ken Myers
Runtime 51 Min. - Unabridged
Publisher Mars Hill Audio
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In 1953, a graduate student at the University of Chicago produced experimental support for the idea that life could have arisen by chance when he combined methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and an electrical spark. The soon-to-be renowned Stanley Miller and his colleagues in science claimed that the resulting amino acids were evidence that life possibly could be derived from non-life. This boast added tremendous momentum to the assertions that there is no God and that, indeed, there exists no objective value whatsoever. In Not By Accident: The Improbability of Life Itself, Dean Overman discusses the inadequacy of historic and current scientific understandings of the origin of life. Author of A Case Against Accident and Self-Organization, Overman delivers a powerful critique from within the scientific tradition. Examining the mathematical impossibility of accident, as well as the problems of complexity inherent in self-organization theory, Overman clears the way for a creator possessing “intelligence with power.”

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