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The Explicit Gospel

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Captivating and Inspiring
Well written, believable, applicable, and powerful. Few dry spots.
Review by / (Posted on 10/14/2014)
Very good book.
I enjoyed this book very much. It gives a good picture of what our primary focus needs to be in a church's life.
Review by / (Posted on 3/27/2014)
The Gospel concisely explained
Chandler explains the Gospel in a way that is structured and meaningful. This book gives not only the micro level perspective on salvation (of God saving individual sinners) but the macro level as well (why God is doing so and what He is accomplishing in the cosmos through it). This is a book for a Christian who has been in the faith for a while and has trained himself in the use of the mind for studying the Scriptures.
Review by / (Posted on 12/10/2013)
A Helpful Review and Reminder
I first learned about Matt Chandler's preaching via YouTube and through Mark Driscoll. His story about JESUS WANTS THE ROSE is an amazing reminder of how moralistic therapeutic deism is a stench of religiosity that does not promote the Gospel, and that our amazing Savior loves both the Prodigal sons --- the younger one who ran away and the older one who felt entitled.

In The Explicit Gospel, Chandler does a masterful job of helping listeners confront assumptions about God and various theological constructs through a ground war and an air war approach. How do these large concepts play out in the actual minute details of life? Likewise, how ought Christians hang on to the best of both the GROUND and AIR without forfeiting each other? The GOSPEL requires both and I am grateful that this Gospel-focused book has been published for the benefit of many churches and many generations to come.
Review by / (Posted on 10/28/2013)
Basic, but near brillian
I admit that I went into reading "The Explicit Gospel" by Matt Chandler with low expectations. I downloaded it for free from some time back and thought I'd give it a whirl while I was waiting to for my next Wendell Berry offering to arrive. I mean, I know the explicit Gospel, right? I know The Four Spiritual Laws, after all. What more is there to know?

Well quite a bit, actually.

The explicit Gospel, of course, is, most simply, as Paul state, that Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead, according to the Scriptures. Chandler, though, drills deep into the implications of that simple explanation and unearths some definite gems, dusts them off and holds them up to the light so we can enjoy all their facets.

For one, that God is God and we are not. He does not live at our beck and call. He lives for his glory, not to bring us a cup of tea when we're feeling a bit frazzled.

My only complaint about the book is that Chandler a few times goes off on tangents regarding evolution, homosexuality and others. Plus, he seems to go off on the missional movement, which confused me a bit, since I had not heard anyone objecting to it before. Emergent, yes; missional, no. But perhaps there's a connection between the two of which I am not aware.

I think it's well worth reading, whether you know The Four Spiritual Laws or not.
Review by / (Posted on 9/12/2013)
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