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Jesus Loves You...This I Know

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This is a fantastic book....
This is a fantastic book. A fresh perspective that challenges the very core of our worldview.
Review by / (Posted on 11/19/2009)
"Jesus Loves You... This I Know"...

"Jesus Loves You... This I Know" presents a fresh perspective on Christ's message of love for all people - not just those whose lives, habits and beliefs are a match with our own. Read by Lloyd James, who does a wonderful job of capturing its first-person narratives, this audio book focuses on moving past judgment to higher ground.

Addressing "spiritual insecurity" and "churchianity," the theme of the work is straightforward: If we are to spread God's love throughout the world, we must first find His love within our own hearts and then extend it to all people, regardless of our differences. Eschewing judgment of others, the authors interweave personal narratives about their (often unusual) field work with scripture that reveals Jesus' love, above all else.

In a world where arguments over dogma and doctrine often take center stage, I can't think of a more important message for everyone to hear right now. A must-have audio book!
Review by / (Posted on 8/26/2009)
As a skeptic of religion in...
As a skeptic of religion in general, my friend encouraged me to take a gander at his pre-release copy. With angst, I read the first chapter and was moved by the gut level honesty that the authors wrote with. I have never heard christians own their mistakes, as the authors did, by openly discussing the mis-management of their movement since the first millennium.

Like the above poster, two stories were worth my time (since I got a free read from a borrow). First, I was drawn by the chapter called Jesus Loves the Skeptic. Gross and Harper describe their dinner conversation with a person filled with cynicism and skeptical perceptions of christians. Rather than arguing dogma, the authors described their patient dialog that led to a deeper understanding. As a skeptic, this moved me to understand more of what I needed to see.

Last, was the Jesus Loves the Outcast. I, a self professed outcast, realized that my issues weren't with Jesus, just some of his people.
I gave the book back to my friend, in which he said, "pay it forward."

I have a friend who I WANT to read it. I hope it impacts her the way it moved me.

Still searching, but closer.

Review by / (Posted on 8/7/2009)
With the opening of this book,...
With the opening of this book, I felt my anti-Emergent Church hackles rising and braced myself to hate the read...ironically, not primarily because of being at odds with their doctrine (or lack thereof) but because I've found too many EC genre books to be grumpy treatises against "Christians."

I don't agree with everything Jason & Craig write here (I agree w/their outreaches, just not their frequent forays into the usual EC mantras against "the church") but I was touched & pleasantly surprised when they recognized and openly acknowledged their intolerance against the "religious" & included this category with those that "Jesus loves." It was the first time I've seen authors of this genre acknowledge their own possible pride/intolerance & it opened my heart to their deeper message, rather than alienating those of us who would, to varying degrees, consider ourselves "mainstream evangelicals."

The life-story of Israel Houghton & the story of "Eddie the crook," alone, are worth the price of admission...

Review by / (Posted on 7/30/2009)

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