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Just Courage

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Inspiring read
This is a great book that encourages the reader to really pursue God in the hard places. Though it is focused specifically on IJM, the truths and encouragements in it can be applied to whatever way God calls each of us to set the oppressed free. I had the audiobook version.
Review by / (Posted on 3/3/2011)
This book provides a compelling argument...
This book provides a compelling argument for the evangelical Christian's engagement in social justice. IJM's founder, Gary Haugen provides a wonderful synopsis of the role of justice throughout Scripture and through it God's call to justice for each and every Christian. The author makes his argument even more compelling by drawing on the common experience of so many, whether privileged or oppressed: parenting. Through sharing his own stories of parenting and contrasting them those of parents locked within human trafficking, he draws the reader into a common human experience and through this challenging the reader to stand up for these kinds of families across the globe. For me, the most profound achievement of this book is Haugen's connection between violence and justice. In brief, Haugen assesses that violence equates the absence of justice. Much of the book is a promotion of IJM's work. But it is good work, worthy of further exposure. David Cochran Heath's voice is easy to listen to and conveys the seriousness and passion this book deserves.
Review by / (Posted on 10/16/2009)

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