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Religion Saves

And Nine Other Misconceptions

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Highly recommended Review by Andrew

The A.D.D. of our nation has not escaped the christian nation as it is sad to see that many people have left reviews without finishing the book because, in essence, it forced an information overload where Pastor Mark THOROUGHLY explains the topics young people (texted questions by phone in case you didn't make it that far) want to know. It is no wonder the younger generation is stepping out of the church when adults and the older generation can't sit through a complete explanation of any given topic that may not exactly interest them.

This is a tough read because you HAVE to think! But that should not discourage but encourage us to push on. We are suppose to run the race to win the prize and we are called to do while being wise as serpents. If you want superficial, then avoid his book and continue in your spiritual milk. But if you want depth which brings about both understanding which can grown into wisdom on a culturally young and relevant basis, then this is the book for you.

(Posted on 2/6/11)

Excellent book. Listened from start to... Review by Liz Ward

Excellent book. Listened from start to finish. Very informative and useful !

(Posted on 5/22/10)

I did finish the book. It... Review by Jon hurley

I did finish the book. It seemed like it was 500 hours long. I don't disagree with most of the book but have to say "shut up dude". Preachers that hold that they have an office and that gives them total freedom to rant for days when a few words would suffice is my new gripe. Not "the" worst book, but one of them for sure. Religion may not save but this guy is steeped in it.

(Posted on 3/20/10)

I agree with Richard - I... Review by Mitchell Zoet

I agree with Richard - I was unable to finish the book, the author droned on in such a way that it was difficult to tell when he was serious or joking... I understand why they are giving this away for free. The author may have a good reputation but I hope that he hires somebody to read for him next time! Sorry, it's was tough and I tried several times to pickup where I left off...

(Posted on 2/27/10)

In Religion Saves and Nine Other... Review by Joanna Holman

In Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions, Mark Driscoll answers a series of questions submitted and voted on by members of his church and people who listen to his podcast.

As you would expect from a book whose content is decided in such a manner, the content is eclectic. The book includes such diverse topics as the tension between faith verses works, a Christian approach to humor, whether Christians are permitted to use birth control and how we decide what can be included in a church service. Because the chapters aren't really connected to one another you could read the chapters in any order or skip chapters without any problems.

It is clear Driscoll has thought and researched a lot about the questions he answers in the book. Even if you don't end up agreeing with his conclusions, you will at least have learned a lot of interesting historical and theological information on the topics. The one chapter that seemed a bit over-researched was the chapter on the emerging church movement. The excessive quoting from various people in the movement was more than was really needed to make the point that the movement has problems, making the chapter drag on a bit. Other than that chapter, the book made for compelling reading. Driscoll is often rather funny.

While not being crass, Driscoll does deal frankly with the topics of sexual sin and birth control making this book suitable for mature audiences only.

I think most Christians could find something of interest and value in this book. I recommend it.

(Posted on 2/27/10)

This is the least favorite of... Review by Richard Mayhan

This is the least favorite of all of the audiobooks I've attempted. In all fairness, I didn't finish it. In all fairness, the beginning was that bad, but because of the author's good reputation, I kept on a bit more.

The first chapter is droned on and on and on by Mark Driscoll until he appears to weary of it himself and then starts to read very quickly as if he has another appointment to get to.

Keep the appointment, drop the book.

(Posted on 2/27/10)

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