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Pillars of Grace (A Long Line of Godly Men)

AD 100 - 1564

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Too much detail, not enough summary.
POSITIVE: Well researched and well read. It attempts to show how many people contributed to the 'evolution' of the revelation of God's grace through the ages as more and more truth was revealed.
NEGATIVE: This is like reading someones Phd research paper in that it goes into an enormous amount of detail, so much so that it is a good example of the proverb - loosing sight of the forest because of there being too many trees in the way! If Steven Lawson could have given a more succinct summary lasting 4-5 hrs instead of the 18hrs then it would have been more palatable, but at the moment listening to so many very similar stories of people who contributed to the discussion of grace became like counting hundreds of sheep on a mountain side and I found myself falling asleep during the audio book, and when I woke up after missing about 30 mins of the 'story' it did not seem to have moved on at all in the time, and I dosed off again...and again, and again, and still it sounded much the same!
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