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The Big Bang, Stephen Hawking, and God

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Clear, precise review or introduction to cosmology and Hawking
I would have given this a five rating since I'm not sure how the product could have been improved. The insights of knowledgeable Christians on topics like this are essential for us not only to listen to but to expose ourselves to the process of thinking with the Christ-likeness or Christ-mindedness which is the result not only of Paul's instructions in all his Epistles but namely Rom12: 1-2. We cannot be cooperating with God's sanctification and transformation of us if we are not submitting as living sacrifices and experiencing the renewing mind.
Review by / (Posted on 3/9/2013)
This contributor is a very able...
This contributor is a very able communicator. He relies on humour and name dropping to keep the interest of the listener. Presumably much of what he speaks about makes sense to the initiated but to those like me, it is hard to follow the gist. One main criticism is that the talk is several years old and therefore looses some of its "punch" in such a fast moving scientific field. I found it interesting but really have to question to what kind of audience does it appeal in June 2006?
Review by / (Posted on 6/26/2006)

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