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Living By God's Promises

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Reading is Superb
The reading is superb as is the book. Robertson Dean reads clearly and thoughtfully which is essential when reading Puritan literature.
Review by / (Posted on 4/18/2011)
A thorough look at God's promises but feels too long and disconnected from one chapter to the next
After we were saved by God’s grace, we continued on living and walking in faith while going to a whole process of sanctification. Often we stumbled along the way and was left wondering why and sometimes we came to a point of giving up. In the Living by God’s Promises audiobook, the promises of God are thoroughly explained and studied, to strengthen your faith as a Christian.

It’s amazing how many promises that God have actually made throughout the Bible. Some promises are not actually obvious yet crucial to strengthen our faith in Him. The book covers plenty of them in series of chapters and refers to lots and lots of verses throughout the whole 6 hours.

Unfortunately, I found that it’s hard to follow the flow of the book and at times, it feels like different main topics are compiled into one book. It’s also hard to really learn truly from this book unless if you read it (there are lots of verses in which you should pause to check for the context of the verses or study them in more depth). I’m also not a fond of the narrator’s tone – which is quite flat and dull. This makes listening to this audiobook a harder process because it feels long and jumpy from one topic to the other.

It’s nevertheless a good book if you want to know what promises have God given to His people and it also challenges you to ask God to fulfill the promises that He has made (a thing that you may never do in your whole spiritual journey).
Review by / (Posted on 3/24/2011)
An Excellent Audio Book
This audio book was a pleasant listen for me. I love the historical writings of Christians who've traveled the journey of faith and have much to share with us today. So much of what passes as "deep" thoughtful meditations of the Word of God in contemporary literature barely scratches the surface of the deepest needs of the person. While the methods used to meet those needs may change over the years, the needs themselves are the same.

This audio book, a collection of writings from three Puritan Pastors writing in the 17th century, seeks to share the insights of those great works in modern, updated language. The authors, Joel R. Beeke & James A. La Belle, have done a masterful job of putting this literature into an easy to listen to format that both edifies and encourages the listener. By focusing on the wonderful promises God has established in Jesus Christ, the original authors give practical advice for applying these same promises to our lives and the various trials we must endure as followers of the Lord.

The narrator, Robertson Dean, was a perfect match for this literature as his deep, mellow voice communicates well with the content. All if all, this is an excellent audio book presentation that will deepen your faith and encourage your daily walk with Jesus.

This review was made possible through the work of the reviewers program. (
Review by / (Posted on 3/22/2011)
Intriguing title - forced completion...
thank you for the opportunity to review this book.

As a Biblical Counselor I am always intrigued by the Puritans. When I saw the authors of this work I was excited as it reminded me of my PCA ordination study days in which I was first exposed to Joel Beeke on Family Worship.

However, although I was excited to be exposed to Andrew Gray, Edward Leigh, and William Spurstowe, I found the audio book disjointed, and hard to follow. I had to constantly rewind sections (listened to it 2x in entirety as I thought I was not giving it good stewardship or missing something) and the LONG point lists that many times were over 20 points made my eyes glaze over.

I hesitate to give a negative review as I have been so thankful for the opportunity to be exposed to audio books. Many of them, I have referred and recommended to others. However I cannot recommend this one.

The authors attempt to contextualize living by the promises of God through the eyes of the Puritans which is a FANTASTIC endeavor and one that I was obviously intrigued with. The scripture references throughout were right on and a great encouragement, it was the flow, possibly the writing, and the narration that made it so hard to listen to. I kept listening for the key that I listen and read of many materials – who could this benefit and would they read/listen to it in its entirety? Sadly, I would have to say no. I found it hard to find applications and relevance to the folks I disciple regularly.

Thanks again for the opportunity to review this book
Review by / (Posted on 3/19/2011)
Good book
This is a very valuable book. It is a good thing to get outside today’s climate and learn from Ministers who thought hard, wrestled deeply and enjoyed the God of the Bible. This is what Joel R. Beeke and James A. La Belle seek to do in their new book Living by God's Promises. The aim of this book is to learn about the promises of God from Puritan treatises. Bekee and La Belle do a good job reintroducing the reader to the writings of Andrew Gray, Edward Leigh, and William Spurstowe. Chapter seven and eight are worth the price of the book. On negative side, this is a hard book to follow when you are listening to it. It might be better to own a hard copy. Some of the argumentation is long and it is easy to forget where you have been or where the book is going. There are also some minor theological peculiarities written about in the book. Overall, it is a very good book. Thank you christianaudio reviewers program!
Review by / (Posted on 3/9/2011)
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