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Brian McLaren: Interview on A New Kind of Christian

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A bit vague but still okay
I found this interview quite interesting. The interviewer certainly is awkward in his pauses but I wasn't put off too much by it. The content of the interview is quite general but if you, like myself, know very little about McLaren or his writings, then this interview helpful. Even though McLaren does talk about focusing on Jesus and our responsibilities as Christians in the West, his interest and focus on postmodernism and culture does raise some questions on his theology. However, this is just a hint and I would need to hear more from him to really understand what's his foundation.
Review by / (Posted on 2/29/2012)
This review is for the interview....
This review is for the interview. There was basically nothing of real substance to this conversation. The interviewer sounded like he was drastically unprepared to interview McLaren. Softball questions were the norm and I am still wondering what the book is about. Questions like, "What gives you hope today?" are as broad as they can get. As someone who is trying to figure out what in the world the "emergent church" is saying, this interview only furthered my skepticism. It seemed like the interviewer missed the opening lectures of "journalism 101." I was extremely disappointed... especially since the point was to promote the book.
Review by / (Posted on 3/15/2008)

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