Review of ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible (2011 Version)

ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible (2011 Version)

I bought this a while ago. After reading some of the reviews here just now, I felt I should write a review.

In my opinion, this is the best recording available of the wonderful ESV bible. Everything about David Cochran Heath's reading is as good as could possibly be. Importantly, Heath doesn't over dramatize. His voice is very listenable without any irritations.

The M4B version of this bible has worked perfectly on a first version iPod Touch, 4th generation iPod nano, and the current iPhone 4. Flawlessly on all of them, with perfect access to all books and individual chapters.

This audio bible has given me hundreds and hundreds of hours of listening and I expect to have many thousands of hours more.

I listen with headphones, or through the iPhone's built in speaker. And now, I sent it wirelessly to any music system in the house using Apple's new airplay feature.

This audio bible is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

–Jools January 15, 2011

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