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Adopted for Life

Product Review (submitted on March 9, 2011):
As someone who has adopted 3 times now I was really interested to read this book. I found the things written about adoption interesting and helpful in a ready, accessible form as the author moved effortlessly from autobiography to theology. There are plenty of useful encouragements for all parents to let their theology inform and shape their parenting. However, it gets' three stars from me because the title is unhelpful - perhaps it's premature. It appears that his children have barely reached their teenage years and he's writing about 'adoption for life' I wonder if it might more accurately have been 'Adoption for childhood'. It sounds as though he's laying an excellent foundation for life but surely the greatest issues of identiy for all his children are still ahead of the family. So far so good but at moments I found myself hoping he would still write the same book in 10 years or when he's a grandparent.