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The Knowledge of the Holy

Product Review (submitted on November 14, 2011):
Other than God's inspired word the Bible, this book has been the most transformational book I have ever read. I listen to listen along with Andrew Murray's book Humility and I haven't looked a Jesus the same. It brought clarity that I was made to worship God and what the process looked like that he used to draw me to him. The explanation of the corruption that took place in the garden, brought profound depth to what Paul is laying in Romans that we are all sinners. Every day that I lived with out Jesus Christ at the throne of my heart was a day lived in sin. It truly clarified for me why I should love God with all my heart, mind and soul. I was broken after reading this book. It helped bring such greater depth and clarity to my Bible reading and I praise the Lord for a raising up a man like A. W. Tozer to write this book.