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Choose Joy

Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2012):
This is such an encouraging audiobook and so easy to listen to that I finished it within a couple days of downloading it. Kay Warren narrates herself and comes across like a very good friend who empathises with you all the way through. She also helps you sort out your problems and doesn't just tell you to pretend that bad things aren't happening in your life. She has experienced a lot of pain and fear herself so is speaking from personal experience. She is very honest about her fears which really made me warm to her throughout this audio. My favourite chapters are the ones about Jesus being a man of joy, legalism and grace, and about looking after yourself by making your life simpler and taking time for yourself.

I would recommend this audio to every woman as there is so much encouragement here that we all need everyday. Although I must state that it definitely isn't just for people who are struggling and need encouraging. I haven't listened to any other audiobooks by this author before, but I would definitely listen to more after this excellent recording. Thanks to Reviewer's Program for this free copy.