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24 Hours That Changed the World

Product Review (submitted on May 14, 2012):
24 Hours That Changed The World by Adam Hamilton is an important book for Christians to read because it thoroughly examines the 24 hour period before Jesus Christ was crucified to save the world. This book goes past the surface aspects of the Last Supper, praying in the garden, betrayal and death on the cross to present the underlying cultural and spiritual significance of Jesus Christ’s last day in his earthly body.

Although I have been a Christian for my years and know the majority of the content outlined in this book, there were quite a few cultural aspects that I had failed to understand when reading through the gospels that were explained beautifully.

The narration was solid, I don’t remember thinking it was bad but it wasn’t particularly outstanding either but this is fine because the focus should be on the content of the book, not the person reading it.

This audio book is a fine read, especially around the time of Easter when we are asked to reflect on what Christ did for us on that Roman cross all those years ago.

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