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Hearing God

Product Review (submitted on January 15, 2013):
I have spent a lot of time with this book. I first had the privilege of being asked to review the audiobook from back in April 2012.
I listened to the book once, and knew that I had to get more info, so I purchased the ebook as well. Over the last 8 months I have listened to this book twice and read it once, working through it slowly and applying what is says.

Dallas Willard goes into a lot of depth on this subject and gives lots of practicals as well as the theology behind what he is saying. Willard also shares his personal experiences in this area, and debunks many myths as to why people think they do not hear God. He also shows some false notions of how to hear God’s voice.

The crux of the book is about developing a “conversational relationship” with God, that is, a 2-way conversation, rather than us just making our prayer speeches at God.

The audiobook was easy to understand, a bit fast and difficult to follow purely because of the huge amount of information contained. Grover Gardiner was the reader and his voice was clear any easily understood.

I still have a long way to go in this area, however now I have some direction and a firm foundation on which to peruse my own conversational relationship with God.

Some of the concepts that Willard covered I disagree with, however if you can show enough grace to look past the things that you disagree with, I am sure you will, as I did, get a lot out of this book.

If you have every asked these questions:

1. How can I know God is speaking to me?
2. What about when we don’t hear from God? When God doesn’t seem to answer us?
3. How do I know I’m not hearing the voice of Satan?
4. Why do some people seem not to hear God’s voice? What are they to do?
5. What am I to think when someone tells me that God told them something about me? Can I count on that?
6. What do leaders need to think about in terms of hearing God?
7. What sort of Bible reading helps us become the kind of people who are better able to hear God?
8. What sort of use of the Bible does not help us hear God?
9. How does our view of God affect if and how we hear God speak?
10. Is it true to say that hearing God isn’t very scientific?

You will find answers to these any many more in this book.