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Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Product Review (submitted on February 27, 2013):
Given the title, one may think that this book is about methods of evangelism or is a discussion about alter calls, but it is actually about assurance of salvation.

This book gets down into the nitty gritty of how one can be saved, and how you know that you are saved. It is not content with popular traditions of assurance or “once saved always saved” but goes to the Bible to make its arguments. And, it does so very convincingly.

This book is very theological and pastoral. It is a book I would both give to a new believer and a former seminary student that is questioning their salvation.

I heard this audiobook narrated by Tom Parks. He is a great and articulate, warm narrator and I really feel like I was sitting in on a old pastor giving advice and counsel to one of his struggling sheep.

I loved this book and would recommended it to anyone asking questions regarding their assurance.