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When Helping Hurts

Product Review (submitted on May 8, 2010):
The reason I wanted to listen to “When Helping Hurts” was a completely selfish one. After losing my family when I was younger, I noticed that when anyone suffers a loss (whether I know them or not), I not only relive my own pain, but I hurt DEEPLY for them. I was hoping this book would provide guidance on how NOT to hurt. After listening to the first chapter, I realized I was WAY OFF BASE. My next thought was “How selfish I must be!” After I got past my human-ness (one more time!), I continued to listen to this thought provoking book with an open mind. This book’s focus was on helping poverty stricken nations, while allowing them to keep their self-esteem. Their focus is completely different than anything I have ever been taught or thought.
While listening to this book, we received our first letter from a child we sponsored through a world-outreach program last fall (my daughter and I). I was SHOCKED to read that she didn’t receive any gifts for child’s day (I assume she meant Christmas). Why would she tell me that? My first thought was sadness, then guilt (for being so blessed!). But what do I do with that information?
While recently attending a Christian conference in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to speak with another outreach organization (who has been following THIS author’s recommendations for many years). She told me children are TAUGHT to ask for gifts from Americans. The personal written confirmation made my heart ache (but I still had to mail a couple of little Christian gifts). I now know I MUST continue to mail Christian information (and even a Bible – as I was told they are not supplied by the sponsor organization) to help really SAVE this family!
I’m not sure what the future holds for me – as far as support to foreign countries. I do know I want to purchase a hard copy of this book so I can re-read (and highlight) the helpful information…I KNOW I revert to my “old way of thinking” more than I’d like to admit. I do know that PRAYER is a must!
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