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Crazy Love, Revised and Updated

Product Review (submitted on May 19, 2010):
I actually listened to the Audio-book version of this book, which is available at:
There is an introductional video there which gives you a good overview of the book, and a PDF download of the 1st chapter as well.
Plus there are reviews from other readers.
My personal opinion is that this book should be compulsory reading for every Christian.
Francis Chan challenges what some term as Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, without actually using those words, he lovingly and gently challenges the complacent and luke-warm Christian with the truth of the Bible.
The book is an easy read - no big theological words, and is very easy to understand.
Be prepared to be callenged though, but don't get discouraged that you are not living a perfect life,
that is why our faith is in Christ, the only perfect being, but allow what Chan says to guide and encourage you to grow in your walk with Christ.
I have been personally challenged on fostering a "Crazy Love" for God, as well as many other areas of my life.
This book when taken as a whole may see overwhelming, but, as the saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Take one thing, and work on that, keep this book as a reference, read through it fully, and then go back and work on one thing a month.
I actually thought the way Chan read this book was fantastic, it was slow and clear and being the actual author of the book, to tones and emphasis were in the places they were intended to be.
So, go out and buy the book, or audio book, read or listen, and then apply it to your life.