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The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitfield (A Long Line of Godly Men)

Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2015):
Lawson’s biography filled a hole I didn’t know existed in my church history. I have loved Edwards, recognized the work of the Wesley’s, but I have overlooked the giant Whitefield is. This biography is just the work to introduce and whet your appetite to know more. Be prepared to seek out sermons, to know more, if you like me have forgotten Whitefield let us overlook no more.

Lawson gathers from a multitude of sources a beautiful portrait of Whitefield. A man who preached so widely, so passionately that at least one assassination attempt was made upon his life.

Look to this volume to gain an introduction to Whitefield’s life, this is not aimed to be an exhaustive biography, but a perspectival work looking at the powerful zeal and drive that drove this man of God in his work for God. Lawson presents a largely fond picture of Whitefield, but works through his life, theology and reactions to his life. Simon Vance is always an easy voice to listen to, he reads with a smooth easy inflection drawing depth out the text with a gentle pace. May God use this work to stimulate a similar consuming passion on those who hear it that Whitefield’s legacy may be reborn in us today.