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The Whole Christ

Product Review (submitted on February 16, 2016):
How do we balance an understanding of the grace of God with a call to proper obedience to Christ? How do we find genuine assurance of salvation? Who has worked through these questions before and how can their experience help us today? In The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson helps answer these questions and many more with great depth and insight.

It is good for Christians to read books on theology. It is good to read books on church history. In this case, we find both in a very readable and fascinating volume. The Marrow Controversy of the early 18th century is the background for Ferguson’s discussion of issues related to the grace of God, the law of God, legalism, and antinomianism. And, even if none of those words mean a great deal to you, any Christian will find a lot to learn in these pages.

To me, perhaps the greatest points in the book are the balance Ferguson weaves between law and grace. The author does a fine job of demonstrating to his readers how obedience earns us nothing while at the same time declaring that obedience is the heart’s response to grace. The author also shows us how a genuine assurance of salvation is based fully on the truth of the person and work of Christ and is not based on our ability to self-evaluate.

Readers who pick up this book need to be ready to dive deep into gospel, into grace, into theology of law, into issues related to assurance of salvation, and into the history of the Marrow Contraversy. However, those who are willing to work through these heavy topics will find some very encouraging and helpful truths to apply.

I received a free audio copy of this work as part of ChristianAudio’s reviewers program in exchange for an honest review. The audio version is one of the best read books I have received from ChristianAudio, a group which always puts out find quality.