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A Place of Healing

Product Review (submitted on August 10, 2010):
What a blessing this audio is! I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Joni talk about her life in such a positive way. This is such a practical book to help you to carry on with your life in spite of your circumstances, something I think Joni does extremely well.

What I liked about it most, is that she is speaking from experience, and not giving pat answers to questions she doesn’t know how to answer. I’ve enjoyed hearing her whole story, from when she had the accident over 40 years ago, to how she fights to keep focused on God everyday. She is incredibly honest about how she feels each day, dealing with chronic pain, and how she chooses to give God the glory. She also tells you how you can do the same in your own life, whatever you are going through.

The stories about the disabled people around the world she has visited and brought wheelchairs to, through her charity ‘Wheels Around The World‘, are so encouraging too.

Joni has a beautiful voice whether reading or singing during this audio, which really does make it a pleasure to listen to.

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