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Mere Christianity

Product Review (submitted on August 17, 2010):
If famed atheist Christopher Hitchens suddenly embraced Jesus Christ, what would he write to explain and defend Christian belief?

It might look something like "Mere Christianity."

Beloved author of "The Chronicles of Narnia," C.S. Lewis was once an atheist who later embraced Jesus Christ. Lewis went on to become a passionate and articulate defender of classical Christianity. "Mere Christianity" is considered to be his magnum opus defense of Christian belief.

In "Mere Christianity," Lewis strikes at the core of what Christians - all Christians - believe to be true about God and the world God has created. The title, which sounds strange today, simply refers to commonly shared beliefs among all Christians: Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, etc. Lewis begins with the Moral Argument for God's existence, moving ever closer to the person of Jesus Christ. The latter half of the book addresses what Christians belief BECAUSE of who we believe Jesus to be. He touches on issues of sexuality, sacraments, virtues, etc.

Some of Lewis' language is a bit dated. His beliefs about gender roles and marriage may also rub some readers/listeners the wrong way. But none of these detract from the significance of this book.

The narrator is fantastic. I'm so glad they found a British narrator to read a book by a British author.

I highly recommend "Mere Christianity."