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Adopted for Life

Product Review (submitted on August 18, 2010):
One of my favorite professors at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is Dr. Russell Moore. In recent years, Moore has written what will likely become what he will most likely be remembered for. The book is called Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & Churches. As the title suggests, this is a book about adoption, but as the reader turns through the pages, it becomes clear that this book is about so much more.

What makes this book different than other books isn't his advice or the common caricatures of adopting he decimates, but the theology behind it. Moore believes that the doctrine of adaption (that we were stranged from God, but through the reconciliation brought about through Christ we have become adopted sons and daughters of God) should compel us to mimick the example of God the Father into adopting other orphans and widows.

In other words, this isn't a book for the infertile or for social gospel proponents. Rather, this is a book about the gospel. Though there is a lot of advice, testimony, shared stories, correcting false ideas and statements about adoption throughout the book, Moore's purpose is to move us from merely believing the gospel into living the gospel.

I think this is what has made the book so popular. Moore makes the connection that so many other Christians have failed to make. We should follow the example of our father and I believe that the increasing adoptions among Christians is reflecting of Dr. Moore's influence on this issue.

This book is not just for those considering adoption or for those wanting advice on how to go about adopting. There is a lot of information in here dealing with those issues. Instead, this is a book that every Christian should read. Adoption is a gospel issue and it is time for Christians to consider it as a gospel issue.

I was fortunate enough to receive a free audio copy of the book via The quality and production of the book was professional and the narrator (who was the author) was well received. I enjoy listening to authors read their own books. Though they are not "professional narrators," the authors always bring a certain presence to the audio that I like. For anyone interested in the audio version of this book, I would recommend it as much as I would recommend the book itself.

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