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The Memory of Old Jack

Product Review (submitted on April 4, 2007):
Told in Barry's poignantly beautiful melancholy southern style, "The Memory of Old Jack" is not only powerfully written, but read in a deep and engaging manner. Rebirth is a thread-theme woven quietly through Wendell Barry's complex tapestry of Old Jack's life. My favorite passage (SPOILER WARNING): "He saw that he would be distinguished not by what he was or anything that he might become but by what he served. Beyond him was the peace and rest and joy that he desired. Beyond the limits of a man's strength or intelligence or desire or hope or faith, there is more. The cup runs over. While a man lies asleep in exhaustion and despair, helpless as a child, the soft rain falls, the trees leaf, the seed sprouts in the planted field. And when he knows that he livs by a bounty not his own, though his ruin lies behind him and again ahead of him, he will be at peace, for he has seen what is worthy."