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Sparkly Green Earrings

Catching the Light at Every Turn by Melanie Shankle

Author Melanie Shankle
Narrator Melanie Shankle
Runtime 4.16 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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Release Date May 1, 2013
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There is really no better indicator you're a mother than acquiring the ability to catch throw-up in a plastic bag, disinfect your hands, and immediately ask your friend to pass the beef jerky as you put on another Taylor Swift song and act as if nothing has happened.
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''There is really no better indicator you're a mother than acquiring the ability to catch throw-up in a plastic bag, disinfect your hands, and immediately ask your friend to pass the beef jerky as you put on another Taylor Swift song and act as if nothing has happened.''

This is the type of insight Melanie Shankle offers in this quirky memoir of motherhood.

Written in the familiar, stream-of-consciousness style of her blog, Big Mama, Sparkly Green Earrings is a heartwarming and hilarious look at motherhood from someone who is still trying to figure it all out. Filled with personal stories--from the decision to become a mother to the heartbreak of miscarriage and ultimately, to the joy of raising a baby and living to tell about it--Sparkly Green Earrings will make you feel like you're sitting across the table from your best friend. A must-read for anyone who's ever had a child or even thought about it.

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Very fun to listen to
I read the book when it first came out and now I am happy to have gotten it in audio. It makes me want to be Melanie and go on road trips with a bestie!
Review by / (Posted on 4/2/2014)
No Sparkle to this Book
If you like snarky sarcasm then this book is for you. It really is one woman's story about her life, which she thought was so interesting she thought you would be interested in hearing about it too. She offers nothing new, no insight on how to handle different situations, and very rarely applies the bible to the handling of these situations. It is possible you could learn from this woman what NOT to do, or more likely how NOT to handle a situation.

The book relays the authors grouchy attitude towards everything and everyone in her life. All while trying to be her utmost humorous self. She thinks everything that happens to her in her life is so funny, and so unique, that surely you must want to hear about it.

However, the ultimate insult comes to homeschooling families when she tries to be funny in describing homeschool women as wearing denim overalls, but she knows they don't all wear overalls, oh no, some wear skirts. Oh wow that was funny, and need I remind you, original. I've heard that joke so many times. Its old, and over used. Come up with a new one wont ya?

This book is a fast read. And no, that isn't because its so gosh darn good that you can't put it down. Its because literally this woman reads her own book, and she reads it FAST. Super fast. Sometimes barely pausing for a breath. This also makes it hard to follow because sometimes you don't know when a sentence has finished, or just when you thought the end of the sentence has happened, it didn't. The recording quality for this book isn't very good either. You can hear pages shuffle, pages turning, breaths taken, and lips smacking. All very annoying in your ear! Her southern drawl makes some words hard to understand as well, and some just down right terrible. Take for instance baby, which she says bay-ya-bay, or facebook as ficebook.

So as far as this book being a Christian book, I don't see it. There are references to a few Bible verses, but there are no prayers or definitive applicable payers for any circumstances within the book. She doesn't give praise to God for giving her all that she has.

As she stated in her own words recently "The joy I get from making a story out of nothing has kept me going." Well this book is the end result of her making a story out of nothing. There is nothing to this book, unless you are just plain obsessed with her blog, and you think she is the next best thing since sliced bread.
Review by / (Posted on 9/5/2013)
Hilarious Insight Into First Time Motherhood
Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle is a quite interesting book about one woman's experience with motherhood for the first time. She shares it in a very compelling manner with a lot of sarcasm and humorous stories but with some touching moments as well.

The book covers her experiences from planning to have a baby, the heartbreak of miscarriage, the joy of having a child and then having to figure out how to parent a child. It is full of funny stories, interesting insights and experiences that many women would have experienced themselves.

As a man I didn't know if I would like this book as I can't really relate to a lot of it. However the humorous nature in which the experiences were shared made it very interesting and I hope it will help me relate to my future wife when she is going through similar situations.

The narration was quite good as it was narrated by the author so she could convey the humour and sarcasm that she intended.

This book would be a great book for women who are expecting their first child or who want to listen to a humourous experience of parenting and how hard but rewarding it is for most people.

This audio book was gifted as a part of the christianaudio Reviewers Program in exchange for my unbiased review of this work. More information can be found about this and other Christian audio books at
Review by / (Posted on 7/23/2013)
For Real Fans
I thought I would enjoy this audio a whole lot more than I did, as I'm a woman and a mother so have been through some of what the author, Melanie Shankle, was talking about. I really wanted to like this audio but it just didn't click for me, maybe I'm too old and British! There were some funny moments before I gave up, but I just don't think I have enough in common with the author to be able to 'get' most of her jokes. I found her narrating rather monotone too and couldn't quite workout if she was being sarcastic the whole time or just occasionally. I'm sure there are lots of fans of her blog who will enjoy this and also pregnant ladies and new mothers who will be smiling and nodding along, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. Thanks to reviewer's Program for this free copy.
Review by / (Posted on 6/19/2013)
Highly recommend this great book!
I had heard that Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle (from Big Mama blog) was a good book so I was glad to see the audio version available for review.

In this memoir, author Melanie Shankle shares about marriage, miscarriage, friendship, pregnancy, and motherhood.

I enjoyed her style and felt she said aloud opinions I've often thought but not voiced. She shares her heart and the struggles she has faced and really we all face as women and mothers. She admits that she doesn't have it all figured out as a mother and is learning as she goes.

I really enjoyed listening to this book and honestly didn't want it to end. She had some great insight as a Mom, and I enjoyed the funny stories she shared. I think women will really enjoy this book because they will be able to relate to her experiences. Her style is fun and you'll be laughing and nodding your head in agreement with her and maybe wiping away some tears too.

This book was read by the author which really added to the appeal for me.

Thank you to christianaudio Reviewers Program or providing the audio version for my review.
Review by / (Posted on 6/15/2013)