The Difference a Father Makes

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The Difference a Father Makes

Calling Out the Magnificent Destiny in Your Children

Author Ed Tandy McGlasson
Narrator Erik Synnestvedt
Runtime 2.4 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Seed
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Ed McGlasson challenges dads to excel in fatherhood by setting up goal lines in the lives of their children to help unleash their full potential and to successfully enter into adulthood.

Do you desire to unleash the potential in your kids? Do you want them to stand on your shoulders and soar to unfathomable heights? In The Difference a Father Makes, Ed Tandy McGlasson challenges dads to excel in fatherhood and equips them to do so. Using the model of Jesus and God the Father, he contends that setting up goal lines in the lives of children, marking when they enter into adulthood, is a must -- and a father's job does not end there. In a powerful way, he answers the "Yeah, but how?" question every man asks after being stirred to be a good father. Discover the potential you have as a father to make a difference in the lives of your children! Learn how you can empower your children to pursue their dreams!

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Stanton Massey says:

Unfortunately, I didn't care much for this book and it was not what I anticipated. Reading the description, I was expecting a discussion on setting goals throughout a child's life...goals that may help your child stair step their way down a positive path. Perhaps I misunderstood the description. The book focused on a singular goal line of the moment your child becomes an adult. McGlasson re... Read more


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