The Hidden Life of Prayer

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The Hidden Life of Prayer

The Lifeblood of the Christian

Author David McIntyre
Narrator David Cochran Heath
Runtime 2.4 Hrs - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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This classic gem on prayer has been a faithful guide to Christians for the last 100 years. McIntyre addresses the role of prayer in the life of the Christian. What does it mean for the believer to be equipped for the Christian life in prayer? How are we to engage our Heavenly Father in prayer? Using the testimony of Spurgeon, Whitefield, Luther and others, McIntyre encourages the Christian towards the a life fully devoted in prayer.


Elaine says:

I really enjoyed listening to this book. The narrator, David Heath, was very good and kept my attention. Although there was nothing new in this book about prayer what I did like was all the quotes from various writers in the past. There wisdom was very helpful to me and a lot of what they had to say stuck in my mind. The author also included poetry and song lyrics which helped me also. ... Read more


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