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The Holiness of God

Author R.C. Sproul
Narrator Grover Gardner
Runtime 9 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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Release Date June 22, 2006
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This absolutely will inform and radically cause a re-thinking of one's view of God.
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“The material in this book drove me to my knees and dramatically challenged my Christian life. Written by one of the most brilliant thinkers of our day, it is absolutely urgent reading for every Christian.”
-Chuck Colson, author of How Now Shall We Live

“It may be a bit early to call R.C. Sproul’s The Holiness of God one of the classical theological works of our time. But if it does not have that status yet, it is well on the way to achieving it.”
-James Montgomery Boice, senior minister, Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia

What is the holiness of God? Are you intrigued by it, or are you terrified? R.C. Sproul clearly identifies this attribute of God and all the associations one may make with it. This absolutely will inform and radically cause a re-thinking of one’s view of God.
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Most excellent
Though we as finites can do little to explain the absolute holiness of God, RC Sproul has found a way to bring us to a larger understanding of just how awesome and holy He truly is.

A must read for all!
Review by / (Posted on 5/10/2011)
awesome book
Wow, this book was awesome. It blessed and encouraged me in my faith so much. I learned so many things that I had not thought of before, and that supported and strengthened my faith. It is a must read for all believers.
Review by / (Posted on 4/5/2011)
One of the best treatments on holiness ever
I first went to see Dr. Sproul present this topic back in the late 1980's and God touched my heart and life significantly. I later read the book and was moved again and again as I have read it a number of times. Now to have this on audio is a great blessing. Thank you for making this available friends at Christian audio!
Shalom, Pastor Tom Norton
Review by / (Posted on 3/1/2011)
Good, even for us non-reformed
I have to admit that I really did not know who RC Sproul was when I picked up this book. Honestly, I still have not looked into him more than just a brief wikipedia entry. I thought he was one of those classic Christian writers that was no longer with us. I obviously have not listened to his daily radio program and while he is 71, he is still a pastor in Florida. He is a bit younger than my grandparents.

I picked up the Holiness of God while it was on sale (for less than $2) because it is part of a book discussion over at Tim Challies' blog. Challies is one of the young Calvinists that is causing me to spend some time looking into Reformed theology a bit closer.

This book is very listenable. Sproul is not at all stuffy in his presentation of the Holiness of God. He compares the Holiness of God to the terror we feel at horror movies at one point. And while he clearly skirts around a while (it is not until the fourth chapter that he first attempts a definition of what he means by holiness), he is not meandering, instead he is trying to carefully build on his argument.

It is writing and presentations like this that make me want to pay more attention to Reformed Theology. I find myself agreeing when I am listening but disagreeing when I think about it later. Not everything by any means. The vast majority of this book I think is very good. But the section on mercy and justice is unsatisfying for me. He turns it into a discussion about why we are all deserving of justice, but some are given mercy, so we should rejoice. I get that, but does not help on why some receive mercy and some do not. We all complain when we see some (usually rich, famous or powerful) getting mercy in the justice system while others (usually poor, minority and not powerful) receive justice. We know that for justice to mean anything it has to be just. If only he had said, "some seem to receive mercy and some do not, and I do not know why." I would be satisfied. I am OK with admitting we do not know something about God. My problem is when we claim to know something and that something is so unsatisfying that I get frustrated. I do agree with his end point there, that if it comes from God it cannot be injustice, it can only be mercy or justice.

In general I appreciate the book and I am learning from it. But there is just a slight offness to it that seems like it is almost right, but not quite. I know that will label me as not Reformed. I am not. But I do appreciate many of the contributions that Reformed theology has brought, especially lately to the church.
Review by / (Posted on 1/20/2011)
A Superb Read On A Neglected Doctrine. Must Read!
R.C. Sproul in his modern day classic which was first written over 25 yrs ago tackles the doctrine of God’s holiness. Thanks to the christianaudio Reviewers Program was able to listen to the audiobook. In the book, The Holiness of God, Sproul answers the question what is the holiness of God? It is intriguing and at times terrifying when you try to wrestle with the doctrine and wrap your mind around the holiness of the God of the Bible. The teaching of the bible that delicately balances God’s terrifying holiness and his inexplicable grace.

Sproul takes us from Rudolf Otto‘s mysterium tremendum to Martin Luther‘s “insanity” and the great American purtian Jonathan Edwards‘ fiery sermons, this classic offers a concise exploration of history and Scripture that will help its reader better understand God’s holiness. He reminds us that the first petition in the Lord’s Prayer is “hallowed by your name”.

How we understand the holiness of God affects every area of our lives since God is inescapable. Holiness fundamentally means separation is to be set apart. Because we are unholy, our first impulse is fear since God is holy. Sproul shows that Holiness provokes hatred hence forth the greater the divide between his holiness and our own, then greater the hostility toward God from man. This explains why Jesus with his perfect love was rejected by his own people.

Lastly, an additional plus is that Hovel Audio’s narrator Grover Gardner speaks clearly with a voice that greatly compliments the richness of the book. This is a must needed addition to the Christians audio library. The reason is stated clearly by Dr. Sproul himself when he states, “that the failure of modern evangelicalism is the failure to understand the holiness of God.”
Review by / (Posted on 10/21/2010)
The Holiness of G-d is a...
The Holiness of G-d is a great topic to review and discuss, something that a Jew like myself would be all about. The narrator for this text is Grover Gardner. Despite this being my tenth audio book review for Christian Audio, I have not yet encountered this narrator. Gardner does a good job, to tell truth. He reads at a quicker pace, to address that as if Sproul were reciting from memory. Inflection is slight, but distinct, to remind me that this is an audio book, yet an honest attempt to sound natural. Slightly mechanical, his voice recites words clearly and succinctly.

Read the rest at
Review by / (Posted on 10/14/2010)
I had never read Sproul's book...
I had never read Sproul's book before and I found it very convicting, very worshipful, very right on time. From chapter one in which Sproul relates his 'doing business with a holy God' through the historical lessons of Luther and Edwards (there were others) and the 'dark and stormy night club'. I found this scholarly book quite helpful in reminding me of the doctrines of grace, the wrath of God, the justice of God, the mercy of God, the kindness of God, and of course the holiness of God.

I found this to be a great work by the reformer Sproul in which I was confronted with my sinfulness in light of God's holiness and realized how small the Cross really is in my life. I am thankful to now have had the opportunity to review this book and highly recommend it all levels of maturity, and yes, even those who are being drawn to God (Sproul points this out in chapter 1), and I agree. It was a very evangelistic and disciplemaking work and I highly recommend it. Thank you for the opportunity to review this.
Review by / (Posted on 9/28/2010)
I had no experience with R.C....
I had no experience with R.C. Sproul's work before receiving the offer to review this book. He does not disappoint. Sproul applies his Reformed mind to the topic of the holiness of God, a task which Reformed thinkers have long performed well. As is fitting, he cites these thinkers and brings their stories and thoughts as they reflected on the theme, including an entertaining analysis of Martin Luther's mental state and Jonathan Edward's sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," and a sequel of sorts labeled by Sproul as "God in the Hands of Angry Sinners."

In a culture that smirks at sin and criticizes biblical teaching on guilt and human depravity because they can "harm" someone's self-esteem, Sproul presents the clear teaching of Scripture, which is not popular even among some Christians today. Even for myself, the book was challenging. It hurt. It was uncomfortable. And before the book was through I was literally brought to my knees as I faced the ugly truth about my sin before an infinitely holy God.

This marks the third book I've listened to that was narrated by Grover Gardner. He has a more aged voice that reminds me of either a professor or a grandparent. Either way, I've enjoyed all the books so far, and I look forward to hearing him read another sometime soon.
Review by / (Posted on 9/20/2010)
This book is not new, it's...
This book is not new, it's been around for close to 25 years. This book is just like fine wine, though. It's gotten better with age. R.C Sproul is just a great author. I've never heard any describe the Holiness of the one true God in such a perfect manner. We often talk about God's love for us and all He can do for Him, but we tend to forget that the ultimate reason we were created is to bring Him glory. In an age of evangelism that consists of come to Jesus and you'll get health, wealth, and prosperity, we often forget that the reason we come to Jesus is to ultimately get to God. We must return to a place where we ultimately worry about more about loving God for His holiness rather than what He can do for us. Holiness is to be set apart. God is set apart from everything else. He is worthy of our praise and worship. Download this book and be blessed!

I am a reviewer for
Review by / (Posted on 8/30/2010)
This book is a modern classic...
This book is a modern classic and in my opinion, the magnum opus for R. C. Sproul, one of the most influential theologians of our time. I was offered a free copy to review and must admit I read it years ago and have since read it many times over. This is a must read for all who profess to be Christians or have interest in Biblical Christianity. Moreover, this book has changed my perceptions, beliefs and life for the Glory of God. Read it! It's expertly narrated by Grover Gardner.
Review by / (Posted on 8/19/2010)
A must read... If you...
A must read... If you need to understand exactly why God allows this world to seemingly spin aimlessly out of control...then listen or read this book!!! You're not alone, me too...
Review by / (Posted on 1/10/2008)
Over two decades ago Dr. Sproul...
Over two decades ago Dr. Sproul published his masterpiece on God's holiness. It could have failed to capture readers’ attention. It could have failed to capture the message of God's glory. It did neither and, instead, exceeded all expectations to become a standard work on the subject. Grover Gardner rolls smoothly through the accessible material, which invites pondering while doing justice to a deep work on a subject often taken for granted. He exhibits the tone of a favorite teacher, reading with rich inflection, and subtly alters his delivery from speaker to speaker instead of attempting different voices or accents, which would sound leaden in a book like this. S.M.M. ••• © AudioFile 2007, Portland, Maine Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award
Review by / (Posted on 4/30/2007)
OK, the section mentioning the flatulence...
OK, the section mentioning the flatulence of Luther cracked me up...but time to get serious...

This book really touched me. Like most Christians my age, I am caught between not quite liking the "stuffiness" of some of my elders' worship context...but not quite buying the contemporary package of the comfortable "fellowship" hall or "business meeting" type church environment, either. Sproul not only addresses cultural relevancy but goes straight to the heart of the matter: a need to see the correct theology of the holiness of God.

I embrace the doctrine of grace with both arms open, but I find too many contemporary churches erring on the side of grace these days & minimalizing God's holiness while making Him an indulgent "grandpa," who just loves us so much that He smiles at our every foolish move. Dr. Sproul does a great job of presenting the God of the Bible --- a HOLY God --- without diminishing His love or grace.

If you fear that any book on God's holiness might be "distant" or legalistic, don't let the title scare you off...Sproul demonstrates that God's holiness is not incompatible with His love and grace, but essential to them!
Review by / (Posted on 8/23/2006)