The Jesus Way

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The Jesus Way

Author Eugene H Peterson
Narrator Grover Gardner
Runtime 12 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio Hovel
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Having already written Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places and Eat This Book as the first two volumes of his five-book series on spiritual theology, Eugene Peterson continues his theological conversation with the church in The Jesus Way. Here he considers all the ways that Jesus is the Way compared to the distorted ways the modern American church has chosen to follow.

Arguing that the way Jesus leads and the way we follow are symbiotic, Peterson begins with an extensive study of how the ways of those who came before Christ — Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Isaiah of Jerusalem, and Isaiah of the Exile — revealed and prepared the "way of the Lord" that became complete in Jesus. He then challenges the ways of the contemporary American church, showing in stark relief how what we have chosen to focus on — consumerism, celebrity, charisma, and so on — obliterates what is unique in the Jesus way.

A stunning analysis of the gap between the personal Jesus and the impersonal modern church, The Jesus Way: A Conversation on the Ways That Jesus Is the Way is sure to engender debate and to inspire a movement back to the true way of Christ.


Antonina Ruth Bruno says:

Eugene Peterson does it again! An amazingly academic book that is still accessible to anyone, encouraging us to get away from the depersonalization of Christianity & back to authentic relationships, Jesus-stlye! Strangely enough, this book is a perfect companion to Wendell Berry's "Jayber Crow," a fictional autobiography that essentially tells the same, necessary story, but by means of fiction. Ch... Read more


Steve Williams says:

Peterson is one of those authors whose writing doesn't just inform you (although it does that) but feeds your soul...hence repeat reads are in order... for the depth of spiritual nourishment from his books is a real "table in the wilderness" of rehashed ideas and information heavy - spiritual direction lite books. Highly recommend all Petersons writing I've read the book and now want the audi... Read more


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