The Millennials

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The Millennials

Author Thom S. Rainer & Jess Rainer
Narrator Ray Porter
Runtime 7.5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher christianaudio
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At more than 78 million strong, the Millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—have surpassed the Boomers as the larger and more influential generation in America. Now, as its members begin to reach adulthood, where the traits of a generation really take shape, best-selling research author Thom Rainer (Simple Church) and his son Jess (a Millennial born in 1985) present the first major investigative work on Millennials from a Christian worldview perspective.

Sure to interest even the secularists who study this group, The Millennials is based on 1200 interviews with its namesakes that aim to better understand them personally, professionally, and spiritually. Chapters report intriguing how-and-why findings on family matters (they are closer-knit than previous generations), their desire for diversity (consider the wave of mixed race and ethnic adoptions), Millennials and the new workplace, their attitude toward money, the media, the environment, and perhaps most tellingly, religion.

The authors close with a thoughtful response to how the church can engage and minister to what is now in fact the largest generation in America's history.

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Travis says:

In The Millennials, Thom and Jess Rainer take a look at the unique characteristics of the generation born between 1980 and 2000. Examining this generation, the Rainers uncover many facets of this group of young Americans that set them apart from their counterparts from the Baby Boom generation and Generation X. The Rainers do what they do very well. The book is written with an engaging styl... Read more


JE says:

This audiobook is narrated by Ray Porter. Porter provides an excellent impersonation of the Rainer brothers. Carrying a softer voice, the narrator reads the text as if one were at a conference listening to the lecture presented. Porter has clearly and brilliantly taken the text from paper reading format to the class study that one may better be able to relate to. It is easy to understand the infor... Read more


Paul Pilmore says:

This is a very insightful book that climbs inside the minds and hearts of the millennial generation, and tracks what they are doing, as well as why they are doing it. While this generation is still in the formative stages in many regards, there are trends and mindsets that the authors map out for the reader that are distinctive and ingrained in this generation at a foundational level. They are b... Read more


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