The Missional Call

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The Missional Call

Author Fuller Theological Seminary
Narrator Alan Hirsch
Runtime 1 Hr 16 Min - Unabridged
Publisher Fuller Theological Seminary
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Missio Conference at Fuller Theological Seminary, “Missio Intensive: Rediscovering the Incarnational Church in the U.S.”
Building on the book, “Shape of Things to Come”, this practitioner led dialogue was geared at unpacking and articulating what incarnational church actually looks and feels like in the in the U.S. Context. Learn from Alan Hirch and Michael Frost as they share their studies, discoveries, and missional experiences. It addresses the questions of “what does it mean for a church to be missional?”, “what does it mean to live incarnationally?”, and “what does it truly mean to live in community?”

“The Missional Call” Alan Hirsch

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