The Modern Scholar: The Dead Sea Scrolls

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The Modern Scholar: The Dead Sea Scrolls

Author Lawrence H. Schiffman
Narrator Lawrence H. Schiffman
Runtime 7.5 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Recorded Books
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The Dead Sea Scrolls are perhaps the most important archaeological discovery of the twentieth century. These lectures set before the public the real Dead Sea Scrolls, the most important collection of Jewish texts from the centuries before the rise of Christianity. Only through efforts to understand what the scrolls can teach us about the history of Judaism is it possible for us to learn what they have to teach us about the history of Christianity, because Christianity came into being only after these texts were composed and copied.

The popular press remains far behind scholars who, despite disagreements on many specific matters of interpretation, have reached virtual consensus on the full implications in both Judaism and Christianity for understanding the scrolls. Professor Schiffman leads the listener through the complex details of the Scrolls and their true meaning for the world.


Don says:

I love how this very educated Jew shares with us his perspectives and conclusions about how the origin, history, sects, people, doctrines and manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls intermingle with the events of the 20th century to create a fascinating story that unwraps (with fragments missing) a most incredible story that is a FEAST for the brain that wants to know more of what is to be gleaned by ... Read more


AriKona says:

You will not find this much information and intellectual commentary on the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) anywhere else. Professor Schiffman is a well known and noted authority on the DSS and is a very articulate speaker as well. In the 14 lecture series he covers the history, myths, culture, scandals and integration of the scrolls into Judaism and the history of Christianity, all in depth. I ended up w... Read more


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