The Napoleon of Notting Hill

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The Napoleon of Notting Hill

Author G.K. Chesterton
Narrator Frederick Davidson
Runtime 6 Hrs. - Unabridged
Publisher Blackstone Audio
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As The Daily News said on its publication, "every page contains some delightful and pregnant phrase: the vitality, energy, and exuberant delight in his own handiwork it would be difficult to over-praise."

First published in 1904, a time when Great Britain was at the height of its prosperity, Chesterton saw law and order as eventally swallowing up eccentricity and jolly ol' puckish fun. Thus, with The Napoleon Of Notting Hill, Chesterton creates a witty satire of staid government. Auberon Quinn-a common man who looks like a cross between a baby and an owl, and is often seen in public places standing on his head and tossing his silk hat into the air-is one day told that he's been selected to be His Majesty the King.

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